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  1. Problem resolved. Settings > Application Settings > General / Other - uncheck "Child Windows on Top (Charts, Level II, etc)"
  2. I reported this issue a year ago and I never figured it out. I'm still dealing with it today. It gives me some comfort knowing that I'm not the only one :)
  3. I'm on Windows 10. I clicked on the browser window several times but cannot get it to come to the foreground while the chart is open.
  4. In the latest version, when you open a chart it is "lccked" into the foreground on the screen and I'm unable to view any of the other windows on my PC until I close the chart window. I didn't have this problem on the previous version.
  5. Awesome Jerry! Thank you very much for the quick response. I'll give MT a try.
  6. I've been using the TD Ameritrade version of QT (v4.0) for many years without issue but this morning the advertisement box is popping up insisting that I register and when I try to view historical charts I get a message that says I need to register QT in order to get more than 6 months of data. It didn't do this yesterday. Can you help?
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