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  1. ydfah

    Short Sale Commission

    Installed it this morning, removed the minus signs I installed for the short sale workaround and the gain/loss is correctly taking into account the commission cost. So all is well once again!
  2. ydfah

    Short Sale Commission

    Okay, I'm not home but I will check it out when i get there and let you know. Thanks.
  3. Today I made a short sale and noticed the commission wasn't subtracted from the gain correctly. I shorted at 27.62 and placed $14 in the commission column for the round trip commission cost. However when the last price was 27.62 it showed I had a $14 gain instead of a $14 loss. I was able to do a workaround by adding a minus sign in front of the commission.
  4. ydfah

    TDA Volumes

    Seems to be fixed now!
  5. ydfah

    TDA Volumes

    I just switched my quote source to Yahoo and all of the correct volumes showed up. I went back to TDA and the wrong volumes came back. So I guess it's an issue with the TDA servers sending out the wrong information.
  6. ydfah

    TDA Volumes

    I tried the 'clear all' and the volumes came right back. I also tried to 'backfill all' and nothing changed.
  7. ydfah

    TDA Volumes

    Everything I'm watching is showing yesterday's volumes and they won't reset. Using TD Ameritrade streaming quotes.
  8. ydfah

    News Filter

    Can we get a keyword filter for the news?
  9. ydfah

    Trade XYZ Bug

    Okay I'm okay with how the accounts selection works, that really is a non-issue for me. But what is it going to take to get the shares held transferred from the portfolio cell over to the trade ticket cell? That's the one that has cost me $$ more than once.
  10. ydfah

    Trade XYZ Bug

    FYI...I just changed my default account in the setting and now when I open a trade ticket my first account is now listed in the dropdown box, whereas before my second account always was. So it seems it's the default account selected that always shows up in the dropdown box on the trade ticket.
  11. ydfah

    Trade XYZ Bug

    For all accounts only the "Use Portfolio Position" box is checked. The "Use Account Position" box is not checked for any account. I played with this yesterday and did check the "Use Account Position" box on all account while leaving the "Use Portfolio Position" boxes checked but it made no difference.
  12. ydfah

    Trade XYZ Bug

    Regardless of any row selected it is always the second account listed in the dropdown box on the trade ticket, which is also the default account I used to login to TDA for streaming quotes and news. In the above example it would be the account holding the 5,000 shares. But I have always had to select the correct account, all I'm looking for is for the trade ticket window to auto-fill the number of shares from the selected highlighted row, or even the row I right click to select "Trade XYZ".
  13. ydfah

    Trade XYZ Bug

    On my main portfolio window I have it separated into different accounts using the sub-total (- - -) feature. The problem I'm having is when I go to execute a trade (CTRL+T) of something I'm holding in more than one account. For example I might have 3,000 shares of XYZ in my first account, then below the sub-total line for that section I might have 5,000 shares of XYZ. The same symbol is listed on the 2 rows with the corresponding number of shares, price paid, commission, etc. information. Now if I highlight the second row with the 5,000 shares and hit CTRL+T the trade ticket window pops up with the 3,000 shares listed from the other row instead of the 5,000 shares from the row I have selected. Sometimes when I've had to execute a trade rather quickly this has caused my order to be rejected since the amount of shares doesn't match what I'm holding in the selected account.
  14. ydfah

    Email Alerts...

    Why is it not imminent? We can't always be glued in front of our computer screens.
  15. ydfah

    Unopened Portfolios

    Bring back QT.