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  1. Beta Version: 1.1.8840.1 (2019-12-05), could you explain how to use the new feature: ADDED - COMMAND LINE option to launch MT from web page
  2. Is there a way to make this feature more readily accessible? Even adding it the right click menu of the "Total:" line would help. I keep it checked by default only to keep the size of the portfolio window smaller, but often I uncheck it when I'm getting ready to close positions so that I can figure the FIFO share price I need to be in the green.
  3. ydfah

    News Filter?

    Well I'd like to play the popular fast moving ones, but MT just can't seem to keep up with those. ↘ïļ ðŸĪŠ
  4. ydfah

    News Filter?

    You guys always say that. 🙄 😉 Take a look at this image of a 7-day period for just one of the stocks I'm dealing with. Out of the 42 news lines shown, 35 are garbage law firm announcements and only 7 are actual news. Multiply this window by many other stock tickers and it quickly gets annoying to have to weed through them all.
  5. ydfah

    News Filter?

    Is a news filter in the works by any chance? I'd love a way to block the articles regarding those bloodsucking law firms that announce class action suits multiple times a day.
  6. That means 'never', since you always have a small avalanche of things to do there. Sometime you've just got to make that move and git 'er done!
  7. Ahem...I haven't brought this up in awhile and witness the result...no scrolling ticker tape.
  8. ydfah

    News In Portfolio

    Go to Files/Settings/News and near the top right of the window are 3 checkboxes, check the All Portfolios one.
  9. ydfah

    No Index Quotes

    Wow, finally an issue that isn't just me.
  10. ydfah

    No Index Quotes

    I'm not getting index quote this morning using TDA as the quote source.
  11. I changed the hotkey to ALT+L and the Low spike removal is working using that combination. MT seems to be blocking the CTRL+Shift+L combination for some reason.
  12. ydfah

    News Window

    Yes that update did solved the issue with the red X boxes in the news setting window. I tried to get the details but it wouldn't let me copy and paste it. Anyways I can't get it now since installing the 1.1.8816.103 update I just installed.
  13. ydfah

    News Window

    Sigh! So I switched to another color set to see if that would fix it for me and the colors in the news window didn't change only the portfolio window, but now I'm getting an error when loading news settings. The first time it works, I then close the setting window and open it again and I get the big red X boxes. The only way to clear it is restart MT, then it happens again. Tried other color sets including going back to the Classis one and the problem persists.
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