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  1. It does seem to be getting better, I'll just wait and see how the day goes.
  2. MT ran fine all week, then this morning I installed the 05/21/20 version 1.1.9055.1 and now I'm having account access and quote issues with AMTD. On start-up I was prompted by AMTD to text me an access code which I did. Now whenever I try and access my account information through MT it takes about 30-seconds to retrieve it and quotes freeze. Then when I attempt to close the account view window it hangs for about 30-seconds, then closes, then quotes resume.
  3. ydfah

    VIX Futures Quote

    I wish you weren't so great at this so I could say that you suck! 😉
  4. ydfah

    VIX Futures Quote

    It's working just fine for me except the backfill, so what say we just leave it be!
  5. ydfah

    VIX Futures Quote

    AMTD supports the @VX quote, it's just the backfill I can't get to work.
  6. ydfah

    VIX Futures Quote

    Thanks, got it to work but it won't backfill using TDA or Yahoo. Can it be backfilled or do I just have to wait and let the data accumulate over time?
  7. ydfah

    VIX Futures Quote

    Does anyone know the @XX index symbol for the VIX futures using TD Ameritrade as the quote source?
  8. ydfah


    Thank you.
  9. ydfah


    Okay cool, got those working! 👍
  10. ydfah


    Where do I find the list of futures tickers from TDA, I've looked and I can't find them. As to the CME GLOBEX, I made the switch and the auto refresh still doesn't work. 🤷‍♂️
  11. ydfah


    Is Yahoo still a legitimate quote source in MT? I'm trying to use it in a watchlist for futures quotes since TDA doesn't have them. I selected Yahoo as the quote source with a 30-second refresh rate, however it will retrieve the quotes only when I manually refresh them, it will not refresh them automatically every 30-seconds.
  12. ydfah

    What is this box?

    It was there 2 updates ago, then disappeared 1 update ago, then the update this morning brought it back again. All of these updates were the Beta ones. If I wait 30 seconds it goes away but the tall row space it took up remains. Hitting F5 does not make it go away.
  13. ydfah

    What is this box?

    The clip in my first post is from my transaction window right after I modified one of my open option orders. That SUBMIT/DISCARD line remains after I click SUBMIT.
  14. ydfah

    What is this box?

    ...and how to I get rid of it permanently? It's been showing up after I modify an open order.
  15. ydfah

    Ameritrade down?

    I haven't been able to get quotes today since 5-minutes after the opening bell. Anyone else?
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