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  1. Quote issues seem to be happening a lot lately with their API servers. You'd think they would've found the problem with it by now.
  2. Yes, I'm having slowdown and hanging quote issues as well.
  3. I got the link and installed it. The charts appear to be working properly. 🤞 👍
  4. Good question Mike but to answer your question, all of the charts are scrolled all the way to the right. I've done this several times today and have not scrolled to the left or zoomed in for any of them.
  5. Here is a screenshot, first where the chart was open for a period of time, the second one is the same chart that I closed and reopened right away. For both you can see the inline chart and compare the difference with the open chart. I'll send the log file and reference this thread.
  6. Any chart I have open seems to be charting several minutes behind. If I close a chart then reopen it right away it then gets updated. The inline charts and streaming quotes are fine so it doesn't appear to be a data source issue just an internal MT charts one.
  7. Yes, finally after several attempts I got one of those popup windows to text me a security code with the trust this device checkbox. I did all that and although slow it did finally accept the code and logged me in.
  8. You're likely having the same issue as I am today, I started another thread regarding it. Jerry tells me it's the TDA API servers that are causing the issue. Take a look here:
  9. Well it just seems funny that I can login to my TDA accounts from my PC using their webpage and Think or Swim, and I can login through the Think or Swim app on my phone and tablet, and I was logged in with MT this morning just fine until I installed the update; at which point MT won't login and only MT won't login.
  10. Just tried again, still won't login. I was logged in just fine before the update ran and as soon as the update was installed it wouldn't login. I even tried the login for another TDA account I have and that was give the same login failed error. How do I roll back to the previous version?
  11. Got a popup window that says failed login - invalid username or password. I went to the TDA website and my username and password work just fine.
  12. MT was working in pre-market, then I say the update notification and did the update, now MT won't login in.
  13. What is the deal with TDA login these days? I have MT scheduled to start every day at 8:15 am. Again this morning all of my pre-market data is missing because quotes were stopped while yet another text a code prompt was on my screen. Fortunately I was home and checked at 9:30 just in time, otherwise my intraday date would've also been missing due to the quotes being stopped, and yes I've checked the "trust this device" box every time I've entered a code. This is starting to get ridiculous.
  14. Lately TDA has been sending me those 'text you a code to logon' messages a couple of times a week and twice just this morning. If I exit the request without entering a code then quotes are stopped. Perhaps Dr PennyStock missed that popup window so his quotes were shut off. Exiting MT and starting it again always seems to fix it for me. Just a thought.
  15. It does seem to be getting better, I'll just wait and see how the day goes.
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