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  1. Nobody would have to complain if you got it right the first time.
  2. Jerry sent me a fix which worked perfectly.
  3. No, I don't ever run beta software. Too much to lose if it ever trashed my system, and no I'm not talking about just MT.
  4. I just updated to version 1.1.8700.1 x64 and notice a bug with the news listings. I have mine set to keep articles for 10-days. As of this update it is displaying articles more than 10-days old but they are unchecked, while the ones 10-days or less are checked. I clicked on mark all as read and it did mark all of them, but after restarting MT the ones older than 10-days were still there and are once again unchecked while the ones 10-days or less are still checked.
  5. I have $DJI, SPX.X, and $GSPC listed in my portfolio. If I right click any of them I do get the "News for..." option for them, and clicking on that option brings up the news window. However, only that one Indices symbol will be listed. I have to close the news window and then right click each of the others to see the news. Why are all three not listed in the news window?
  6. Could you change MT to use yesterday's closing price on the chart indicator to use the last trade price before 16:00:00? More often than not the last trade price at 16:00:00 is wrong and the one right before it is correct. This only applies to charts, not portfolios.
  7. ydfah

    Little White Box

    I updated MT this morning and now some of the tickers in the ticker symbol column have a little white box in the upper right corner. Can you tell me what that box means?
  8. It never did this until after I installed the update this morning. Anyway, I just restarted MT and the messaged popped up again so I sent you the log file by using the send log button in the MT help window.
  9. I have 3 TDA accounts setup in MT. Only one was enabled for streaming news so I enabled the other 2 this morning after getting an MT popup message (see below). So now that all 3 of my accounts have the streaming news subscription turned on, I still get the popup message each time after restarting MT.
  10. No I actually don't remember that being in Medved Trader. I think I remember it being in Quotetracker but not MT. Must have been a while ago, possibly before I started using MT. It's unfortunate that it's to difficult to implement it, I found it to be a useful tool back in QT.
  11. In the raw data window for any ticker we see each line for the price shares were traded and the number of shares traded. Could we get an option to have that volume cumulative for the day? For example I'd like to see what the volume was yesterday all the way up until lunchtime by looking in the raw data for yesterday at noon and compare that cumulative volume to the volume today. This can help to see if interest is going up or down day to day.
  12. I can understand that when viewing multiple days, but for the current day the previous close figure is readily available. At the very least use the last trade before 16.00.00 because that one is usually wrong due to the raw data being recorded with a slight delay.
  13. Why is it that charts use raw data for the previous close indicator instead of the data from the quote source? I find this annoying since the last trade in yesterday's raw data more often than not is not the same as the actual previous close amount.
  14. Version 1.1.8500.2 X64 I've noticed an issue with the inline chart for the "TOTAL". The inline chart does not match the chart that opens when double clicking on the TOTAL symbol. I've attached an image of the open chart right below the inline chart so you can see how it differs. This portfolio only contains short positions so I don't know if that affects it or not. Yesterday I cleared all of the data for TOTAL so it would start fresh today and that obviously made no difference.
  15. ydfah

    TDA Level 2 Delay

    Only 1 raw data window and 1 level 2 window are open. Yes I'm comparing the L2 data to the raw data. I see the trade in raw data then about 8-10 seconds later the traded shares are subtracted in the L2 window.
  16. ydfah

    TDA Level 2 Delay

    I'm noticing that TD Ameritrade Level 2 (bid, ask, last) is lagging the raw data window by about 8-10 seconds. Is it this way for everyone or is it just me?
  17. ydfah

    News Filter

    There are ones that have [$$] in their headlines which initial load and show maybe one paragraph, but once you click on the "Story Continues" button you have be a paid subscriber to read the whole article. https://finance.yahoo.com/m/4e51d643-3005-3507-a01f-a4e362d2a2cc/[%24%24]-wall-street-futures-trim.html?.tsrc=rss Here's another example of one I'm talking about. Once you open the link you're presented with other links for various companies that once you click on them you are prompted to subscribe to get their report. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/factors-influence-2018-key-indicators-133500083.html?.rc=rss
  18. ydfah

    News Filter

    How about the ability to filter out certain news headlines, such as paid content ones or buy my reports ones?
  19. ydfah

    Clear Button

    Under Main on a chart window the default action for 'Clear' seems to be 'All'. Can the default be changed to 'Clear Current Day'? Hitting this button by accident and clearing all data seems a bit extreme. Plus when adding or deleting daily buys or sells the "TOTAL" chart has to be cleared and I'd rather it just clear the current day by default.
  20. Installed it this morning, removed the minus signs I installed for the short sale workaround and the gain/loss is correctly taking into account the commission cost. So all is well once again!
  21. Okay, I'm not home but I will check it out when i get there and let you know. Thanks.
  22. Today I made a short sale and noticed the commission wasn't subtracted from the gain correctly. I shorted at 27.62 and placed $14 in the commission column for the round trip commission cost. However when the last price was 27.62 it showed I had a $14 gain instead of a $14 loss. I was able to do a workaround by adding a minus sign in front of the commission.
  23. ydfah

    TDA Volumes

    Seems to be fixed now!
  24. ydfah

    TDA Volumes

    I just switched my quote source to Yahoo and all of the correct volumes showed up. I went back to TDA and the wrong volumes came back. So I guess it's an issue with the TDA servers sending out the wrong information.
  25. ydfah

    TDA Volumes

    I tried the 'clear all' and the volumes came right back. I also tried to 'backfill all' and nothing changed.
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