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  1. Okay just checking since the "Always Use Computed Value" box was checked but the "Reg. Session Values Only" was not. This actually left the "Always Use Computed Value" box grayed out and the function turned off.
  2. Sweet! The "Always Use Computed Value" only seems to work if the "Reg. Session Values Only" is checked. Is that correct or am I setting something wrong?
  3. I'm not sure I follow what you mean by computed value and when will this feature be released? It might be a micro-option to you, but to me it means the world so you get to be the Honorary Ferret King for a week.
  4. I understand that, I use it on ever chart but the indicator is supposed to be a fixed reference point, it is supposed to sit at the previous day's closing price and not move, regardless of what happens intra-day. The problem here is sometimes it does not sit at the previous day's closing price. For example, while everything else puts the current quote in the green the chart will show the last quote below the indicator when it should be above. This happens because the previous day's closing price indicator is not sitting at the previous day's closing price, it's sitting above it.
  5. All of that is settled before the opening bell the next morning. I am beyond amazed that you're telling me the correct previous closing price is sitting right there in a column in front of me, but that value cannot be transferred over to the PClose indicator on the chart and that your satisfied with MT displaying incorrect information.
  6. If I knew that I'd be the programmer, not you. If using the raw data is not accurate then why not use the value from the Previous Close column shown on a portfolio window? That one is always accurate.
  7. Something is still not right. For example, on Thursday UBER closed at @27.38 yet the teal PClose line in the chart is at $27.34. See the attached image.
  8. Thanks, I'll give it a try and let you know.
  9. Yes, 9 out of 10 time the value at 16:00:00 is not the correct closing price while the value at 15:59:59 is. MT uses the value at 16:00:00 to position the previous close indicator line in the chart.
  10. Yes it has that parameter but it's still reading the wrong value from the raw data. Since there is an ever so slight delay in the quote stream, the raw data amount at 16:00:00 is an after-market amount and not the true closing price.
  11. I just rescued two more last week if that helps sway you, I'll take all the influence I can get. Yes I mean the horizontal line with Previous Close selected as the value in the charts.
  12. Okay so I've asked about this before and it still hasn't been fixed. The Previous Close indicator on the chart is still using the figure at 16:00:00 which is usually wrong unless it's the same as the figure at 15:59:59. It gets annoying to have the blue indicator line displayed in the wrong location on the chart just about every day. You guys are better than letting such an obvious flaw go uncorrected for so long.
  13. Nobody would have to complain if you got it right the first time.
  14. Jerry sent me a fix which worked perfectly.
  15. No, I don't ever run beta software. Too much to lose if it ever trashed my system, and no I'm not talking about just MT.
  16. I just updated to version 1.1.8700.1 x64 and notice a bug with the news listings. I have mine set to keep articles for 10-days. As of this update it is displaying articles more than 10-days old but they are unchecked, while the ones 10-days or less are checked. I clicked on mark all as read and it did mark all of them, but after restarting MT the ones older than 10-days were still there and are once again unchecked while the ones 10-days or less are still checked.
  17. I have $DJI, SPX.X, and $GSPC listed in my portfolio. If I right click any of them I do get the "News for..." option for them, and clicking on that option brings up the news window. However, only that one Indices symbol will be listed. I have to close the news window and then right click each of the others to see the news. Why are all three not listed in the news window?
  18. Could you change MT to use yesterday's closing price on the chart indicator to use the last trade price before 16:00:00? More often than not the last trade price at 16:00:00 is wrong and the one right before it is correct. This only applies to charts, not portfolios.
  19. ydfah

    Little White Box

    I updated MT this morning and now some of the tickers in the ticker symbol column have a little white box in the upper right corner. Can you tell me what that box means?
  20. It never did this until after I installed the update this morning. Anyway, I just restarted MT and the messaged popped up again so I sent you the log file by using the send log button in the MT help window.
  21. I have 3 TDA accounts setup in MT. Only one was enabled for streaming news so I enabled the other 2 this morning after getting an MT popup message (see below). So now that all 3 of my accounts have the streaming news subscription turned on, I still get the popup message each time after restarting MT.
  22. No I actually don't remember that being in Medved Trader. I think I remember it being in Quotetracker but not MT. Must have been a while ago, possibly before I started using MT. It's unfortunate that it's to difficult to implement it, I found it to be a useful tool back in QT.
  23. In the raw data window for any ticker we see each line for the price shares were traded and the number of shares traded. Could we get an option to have that volume cumulative for the day? For example I'd like to see what the volume was yesterday all the way up until lunchtime by looking in the raw data for yesterday at noon and compare that cumulative volume to the volume today. This can help to see if interest is going up or down day to day.
  24. I can understand that when viewing multiple days, but for the current day the previous close figure is readily available. At the very least use the last trade before 16.00.00 because that one is usually wrong due to the raw data being recorded with a slight delay.
  25. Why is it that charts use raw data for the previous close indicator instead of the data from the quote source? I find this annoying since the last trade in yesterday's raw data more often than not is not the same as the actual previous close amount.
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