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  1. Originally asked about this in support; putting in as feature request. Would be great to have some sort of hotkey so as you were flipping down a list of charts you could quickly add the current chart to either (a) another designated watchlist or (b) a favorites list or something similar. This way I could look through a list of say 100 charts that meet my initial criteria and quickly flag the 10 or 20 I want to concentrate on next day. The simplest way would be to create a flag or favorites feature where if you are looking at a chart and click Ctrl-F or Ctlr-Space or some keyboard shortcut it adds this symbol to a list of favorites - which could be set as one of the watchlists in setup. A more powerful way would be to allow you to have a series of shortcuts CTRL or SHIFT + a key and different keys corresponded to different lists to add to. Thanks
  2. Thanks. I tried sections and when the list is long it's a bit tough. Right now copy/paste seems easiest; just put a source watchlist next to an empty target. I'll add this as a feature request as it would be a nice addition at some point.
  3. Curious the best way to do this. I often come up w/ a list of 100 to 200 stocks as my first list when I finish scanning. I like to then flip through the chats and pick 20 or 30 that I may trade the next day. Is there a way to easily "flag" a stock that is showing so i can then quickly move all the flagged stocks into a shorter watchlist? I know some other systems have a flag icon in the listing or let you otherwise flag it but don't see that here. So far the only thing I woudl think of was copying it and going to another list and pasting, but it's a # of additional steps. Wasn't sure if there was a quicker way to do this.
  4. While I ultimately want to move my research to the cloud I came up w/ a good local solution for now. I was able to build a research database using filemaker and populated it by downloading fundmental data (sales, eps) from another site. then filemaker has the ability to add a button/script or to a screen action (like loading data) so i set it up that when i open a screen to review fundamental data on a stock it runs a two line script that uses the medved API to change the displayed symbol in medved. this way whlie i look at the fundamental data the stock screens are also up w/o additional work.
  5. I'd love to be able to open up another site window when i'm on a stock (fundemental data)...like you open with yahoo right now. And have it synced so if i switch symbols that window also switches symbols. If I recall you may have had the ability to do this in the old quotetracker days (set up your own research windows and have them sync) although not sure. Any plans to bring in ability to configure other sites to open and sync when symbols change?
  6. Thanks Jerry - that may work. I'll look into it. Mike
  7. When I look at a chart I'd like to see all the fundamental data (sales growth) also. I have access to this data and was thinking of building a personal system so when I click on a ticker in my system it opens a panel with the fundamental data and a place to take some notes. Would it be possible if I click on it in a desktop software system to send the ticker to medved trader to change the active ticker in medved? if not, would it be possible to go the other way... that if i click on a symbol in medved it can tell send something out so my other system changes ticker symbols?
  8. I typically do my homework and set order situations at night, on my home system. But then would like to watch over things when i'm at work the next day. Is there any way to back up the settings, watchlists, etc. to the cloud so that when i log in the next day from a different location it's all there? If not, is there one directory I could upload to the cloud each night and download into the other location the next day that would have all of that info...for instance, would using the backup directory work?
  9. Thanks. So placing the buy order on there as a stop...MT will trigger/place the order once it crosses over that line? yeah, some way to then add a stop once an order is in would be cool. i typically buy on some sign of breakout; like a limit so i don't overpay; but then like to place a stop somewhat just below the order (usually low of prior day or similar) to minimize losses.
  10. Just getting back in after some time off and just upgraded to paid. I use IB and I'd like to do autotrading based on breakouts where i can set a line in MT and once it crosses that line trigger a buy. In that regard I'd like to set a max price. So for instance, stock is at $7.11. When it crosses $7.15 I want to autobuy but want to limit price to $7.20 so i don't get filled if it pops at, say, $7.40. Is there a way to configure the trading tools to do this? 2nd question... I'd also like to set a stop (exit) after the buy; for instance, once I buy, I'd like it to trigger a stop at $7.00. I know I can do that from within the IB interface but assume I can not do that in MT? Thanks
  11. mlsignups

    new computer

    thanks. i backup my computer to the cloud and found i had backed up these files...so i'm actually ok. Thanks!
  12. mlsignups

    new computer

    My primary computer died last week. As of right now it's not booting. Wasn't sure if the system was backing up any configurations to your server that i could restore to recapture the setup of the system onto my new PC? Just curious before I reconfigured. Thanks
  13. I'll send it over. Actually I think the volitility stop (vs volitility trend) is similar but a better fit/indicator. The end results are pretty close to the ATR stops on other systems. I'll send you an email w/ pics
  14. I did give it a try; l tried a bunch of settings but couldn't get it to match the ATR stop that i see on another system for the same ticker. Thanks.
  15. Thanks Mike, I'll give it a try.
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