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  1. Hi I have set MT to show separate task bar buttons for each window. My workflow is: Click on a symbol in portfolio, which loads the symbol in a historical chart and an intraday chart. Click in the historical and/or intraday chart to annotate, click next symbol in portfolio. I find that MT on a day to day basis loads the order of the buttons in the taskbar in a different order. That means each day I have to figure out which of say 5 buttons is which for each chart, portfolio, dashboard, etc each day. If there is a way for MT to always order them the same, that would be great.
  2. Jan 18? there is a Timeframe dropdown list on the VIEW tab - most likely it is set to US Markets. If MT format for the symbols is used, then MT would default it to Canadian. Which is why it is important to use MT symbol formats. I am sorry if I am misinterpreting what you mean by "Jan 18?" but it means to me that you are not sure why I am mentioning Jan 18 - so if I have not explained, Jan 18, yesterday, was a normal trading day in Canada. Thanks very much for suggesting a way to do a mass replace of symbols. I have used the Note field of a symbol for the sector of the symbol, so that I can sort symbols by sector as I look thru 200+ symbols. I find it helpful for example to have all Energy sector stocks together, shown one after the other in the portfolio. I think I would lose all my sector Notes if I copy, modify and paste back into MT. I have been trying to copy, modify and paste back both the Symobl and Note column but no luck - if there is any way I could do that please let me know.
  3. is the symbol in MT format? Some of them yes - due to the other issue you have helped me with I need to change 200 symbols from .TO to :CA, and I dont see an easy way to do that - ie I have tried hard to export the portfolio in a text format so I can search and replace symbols but MT seems to only export in a hex format, not csv or something. is the timeframe set to Canadian markets on the chart's ribbon - VIEW tab? No when I do that then Jan 18 is shown. IMHO from a user experience point of view there are many settings in many different places and sometimes not obvious, and I am not sure they are necessary. For example is it necessary for me to specify a Canadian timeframe per chart if MT knows it is a Canadian symbol due to the exchange suffix in the symbol?
  4. Today my Canadian stock intraday charts have skipped showing data for Jan 18. Charts go from Jan 15 to Jan 19. Please consider not having to specify the timeframe for a particular market. IMHO MT should show data for a given symbol if the data is available. Eg if I was in the US, had timeframe set for US, but I was monitoring Canadian stocks, I would still like to see the data for Jan 18.
  5. MT 1.0.9766.438 x64 Windoze 7 I had drwan alert trendlines to most of 200+ symbols in a portfolio but there are no longer any trendlines on either historical or intraday chart. They disappeared. Portfolio has ! next to symbols meaning there is an alert Alert notification pops up saying trendline is crossed for some symbols When I select the symbol in the portfolio, usually the alert nofication closes automatically but not in this case, notification stays open Alert editor has trendline alerts listed for symbols
  6. Fair enough, but in Canada it is not. This means if I have intraday alert trendlines on intraday charts in MT, MT will not know that a price has crossed the alert line today, for Canadian stocks.
  7. Hi, For Canadian stocks: Today, Jan 18 2016, I notice that my historical charts are updating (daily candles) - ie I have a candle for today on the chart. On intraday charts, set to hourly, I have no candles for today, Jan 18. The last candles are from Friday Jan 15. If I request a backfill, this does not help. I can see that for some US symbols both the intraday and historical charts last day is Friday Jan 15. In Canada there is no holiday today and markets are active. I believe today is a holiday in the US. Does this have anything to do with it?
  8. Thanks for updating the help file...
  9. as far as I know, the download link is only on this page: Medved Trader Beta Instructions and Symbol Formats I had checked this page before posting and double checked now by searching thru it for "Canadian" ":CA" ":TO" and dont find anything. There is no reference to Canadian symbols in this page.
  10. Since the problem for XRE.TO is being caused by Yahoo data, would you recommend that I use Google instead? I notice that for some symbols, Yahoo only has 5 days of data, and I think Google does not have this issue. I currently have a portfolio setup for Yahoo with 200+ symbols ending in .TO. Do I need to change them over? Is :TO an internal MT convention to be used only for Yahoo? Is :CA an internal convention meant to be used only with Google? If I use :TO and that is an internal convention, can it be used with both Google and Yahoo? If I use :CA and that is an internal convention, can it be used with both Google and Yahoo? If so, which is better to use?
  11. Hi Jerry, thanks... I hope you are entering into MT as XRE:CA (or XRE:TO), right? Its better to use MT symbol format. Sorry but when you say you hope that I have been using XRE:CA or XRE:TO, it implies to me that you think that I should know that. Yet I don't see anything about symbol format: I do not see any topic in the Help file. I just did a search in you Help file for "symbol", "yahoo", "google" and scanned thru the results and did not find anything saying I need to use XRE:CA (or XRE:TO). I searched for "Symbol format" in your forum and I don't see anything in your forum about Canadian symbols, or for Yahoo or Google (just a post about Medved Trader Beta Instructions & Symbol Formats but that does not include this info) Your http://medvedtrader.com/ is a single page so I am assuming it is not there..... Your Google + page seems to be announcements and does not seem to have a help file. So how do you expect me to know what symbology to use? Please explain. Lacking this info, I have done what I consider sensible which is to use XRE.TO (with a period, not a colon) because that is the Yahoo symbol format. Are you saying I should be using XRE:TO (with a colon) for Yahoo data feed? If this info is somewhere, please point it out to me. But please keep in mind it is not just about having the info somewhere, it is about having it be obvious and easily findable by the user, which based on what I see, it is not obvious. I apologize if it is in front of my nose but in using MT for a few weeks I have never seen anything about Canadian symbol format....
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