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  1. The pressure delta has a range from 100 to -100. Most of the pressure delta data in my charts is between the 40s. What I like to look at the most is the signal which ranges between the 20s. There is a lot of blank space between the 40s and 100 making it difficult to see what i want to see. I would like to cut out the empty space and zoom in on the data.
  2. 1. I would like to have the the events indicator located on the bottom or top of the chart. The current location on top of the candles creates noise in the chart for me. 2. The current symbol is a star. How about making an E for earnings and a D for dividends. 3. I would like to have an earnings countdown added that would measure the number of days until the next earnings. Earnings creates a bit of volatility and i would like to see at a quick glance how many days left until the next earnings. Possibly a simple annotation like E-5 would mean 5 days until next earnings,
  3. Implied volatility is part of the black scholes formula. I am still learning about what you have here. I was pleasantly surprised to see some of my historical option charts got back filled. QT doesn't do that for me. Maybe its a backfill source issue. In QT the option chain has the option greeks. From the option chain in QT you can go to view and and click on the greeks you want to see. Implied volatility is in the QT option chains. I haven't figured out how to get the greeks in MT yet. Maybe its not there yet. For option charts I would like to see the greeks as bottom indicators. Most importantly implied volatility. In TOS they have implied volatility as bottom indicator in a historical stock price chart. I'm not sure how they get the number but i assume it is some sort of an average of call and put IVs of the front 2 months options, or maybe running the given prices through the black scholes to get the IV.
  4. I would like to have implied volatility added as a bottom indicator. I use this in tos
  5. I would like the option to shrink the watermark and then allinng it with the left lower left side. Currently it is large, loud and centered in the middle of the chart. If it was shrunk to maybe 30% and allinged at the lower or upper left corner it would be much less distracting.
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