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  1. I have several indicators to trigger buy and sell points. The indicators each use two lines. So when all indicator lines cross in the same direction, it's a buy [or sell]. For example, when a 10 SMA crosses a 20 SMA at the same time as the macd signal crosses the macd main, it could be a buy signal. The problem is that not all lines cross at the same time: the SMA's may cross a candle or two either before or after the macd lines. I'd like to be able to have the alert come up even if the crosses are not on the exact same candle. In the Scan/paintbar editor there is a setting for "candles ago". Does that setting apply to the cross specifically N number of candles ago, or does that setting apply to a cross *within* the last N candles?
  2. Would it be possible to add the Alert function to Trendlines drawn on indicators? It may be a lot of coding, so for an initial code release, the alert would sound if any unhidden indicator line crossed above or below the trendline. Follow up code release would include a setting to allow the user to configure the specific indicator line (eg, on a MACD indicator, the MACD line versus the signal line; on ADX, +DMI versus -DMI versus ADX lines).
  3. Figured it out ... realtime feed was pointed to IB, but backfill was pointed to my other broker who doesnt have a forex feed. Thanks Jerry.
  4. Yes, the bid/ask update in the MT portfolio, in lockstep with the bid/ask shown in the IB trader workstation screen.
  5. I'm using forex with IB, but the price updates come in only minute by minute. In other words, the backfill and historical backfill do not trigger populating the chart, even when manually requested. using #GBP.USD . Double checked the IB API setup against the image Jerry uploaded elsewhere on this forum. Also checked MT File-settings-configure accounts. Root cause possibly my IB subscription?
  6. That did it. Thanks Jerry! btw, I had been getting auto updates in the past, but don't recall being auto notified of the latest ones. I'm not seeing any app settings where it's possible to turn off or on the check for auto update, other than the Show Beta Versions When Checking for Updates.
  7. I'm on the latest release: v 1.1.3400.531 x64 . About two releases ago, trendlines began to not draw properly when place within an indicator panel. After the mouse button is released, the drawn trendline will rotate 30 degrees or so, or the entire line will move vertically. I have 3 indicator panels active on the price chart, and the issue manifests on all of them, regardless of the timeframe. Holding down the Shift button does not prevent the issue on horizontal trendlines.
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