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  1. Hi, I'm getting the following error message on your website when trying to submit payment information: Error! The element 'updateCustomerPaymentProfileRequest' in namespace 'AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/AnetApiSchema.xsd' has invalid child element 'paymentProfile' in namespace 'AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/AnetApiSchema.xsd'. List of possible elements expected: 'clientId, refId, customerProfileId' in namespace 'AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/AnetApiSchema.xsd'.
  2. I second this suggestion. A robust hotkey system similar to Das Trader or Lightspeed coupled with MT's charting would be amazing.
  3. It looks like this tick pilot garbage is here to stay, so it would be helpful to be able to only place orders in 5 cent increments on those particular stocks - maybe by having the user import a list of tick pilot symbols into MT.
  4. When I place a trailing stop order through MT, the order appears to trail the market in both directions on my MT chart, even though the same order seems to work okay in IB TWS. Buy trailing stops should only follow the market down, and vice versa.
  5. When placing an order in chart trading and adjusting the size of the order with the scroll wheel, moving the order on the chart causes the order size to revert back to the previously used default size. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but I think it would be better if the order size set by the mouse scroll wheel was retained.
  6. I like to use a chart with a consistent vertical scale, but like to pan it up and down to place the bars where I want, instead of them autocentering. Could you please consider adding this feature? Thanks.
  7. Not sure if this is really a bug or not, but..... Once a chart window has been opened for a minute or two, the title bar area reverts to a Windows "classic" style, which hides the QAT. Clicking on the title bar will fix the issue for a short time, but it will return spontaneously. I am using Windows 7 with Aero disabled. Example: http://imgur.com/h85KzIj
  8. It would be cool to have a set of custom hotkeys for rapid order entry, as well as a 'flatten' hotkey that would instantly close your position and any open orders.
  9. When I attempt to modify an order in Chart Trading, the first modification is accepted, but subsequent attempts to modify it (by dragging) result in the following popup message: "The limit price is not specified or is not valid". Modifying the order in the 'Transactions' tab of the Account View window works okay, though. I am using IB TWS.
  10. When creating a buy or sell order, the order line will snap to major values, instead of allowing me to place the order exactly where I want. Is there a way to disable this behavior? Thanks.
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