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    Timeframe settings

    Hi Jerry I don't know if this is a bug but here it goes when I set the chart @ View/Timeframe/CME Globex.Regular hours it works fine but when I re-start it goes back to CME.Globex.is that normal
  2. samiotis

    Range candles QT Vs MT

    BTW I have thousands of screen shots from QT and this setting 1, 1.5, 2 RB worked for me for years I was too slow to realize and use Them now and only because you sold QT and I had to retrain my self with other platforms with out sucses and 3 years behind of good money now I am 100% using your charts..
  3. samiotis

    Range candles QT Vs MT

    No the white candles are my paint bars still need the LOG?
  4. samiotis

    Range candles QT Vs MT

    I guess what am asking you settings on MT are the same as QTrs only the market changed?
  5. samiotis

    Range candles QT Vs MT

    Iam referring to the amount of range bars in the same FREQ 1: Here is another comparison with thesame amount of bars but with different FREQs 1: Vs 3: setting.
  6. samiotis


    There both from TDA
  7. This is not a bug repost but it looks like a bug to me unless I have the wrong setings. The range candles on the new platform are not counted thesame. botth charts are set to 1 thanks
  8. samiotis


    Jerry can you shed some light on this? the data is not the same on the same chart different platform it seem that one is lagging. Thanks
  9. samiotis


    Do you know what is the symbol for RUT/Russell and I am connected to TDA. thanks
  10. samiotis

    mike gutrugianios

    My work desk
  11. samiotis

    second instance of MT

    I have two laptops and wanted to run additional instance but by installing the platform there, well that fixed that problem I guess I wasn't thinking no correction defiantly I wasn't thinking. You mention "multi-threaded" i looked but dint see how to actuly run two layouts thanks..Mike G
  12. samiotis

    second instance of MT

    I like to know if is possible to run second instance of MT like we used too with QT thanks
  13. samiotis

    Broker data feed

    Hi I am happy to be back i am getting real time data from TD Ameritrade for equities but no real time for futures from MBT i can only get the chart to update by backfill it. thanks