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  1. Dang life, getting in the way...lol just had a chance finally to do this and open MT again -sigh-
  2. I know you don't have any, so best way to convey/show this on your end,,,ie... 1) Open an Intra-day please 2) Limit tab > Right Click and Buy.. SLIDE WAY under price...lol It places it, where you have the check mark 3) Checking it, throws the error/
  3. Correct, 😉 IF "I.slide.using.MT" and use modify it errors, if ToS? It's fine, Hence, why have to then "get error" just to manually have to use MT.... = time lost
  4. server response: problem Canceling/replacing as Order The minimum price increment of instrument GPL is 0.01. This order will not be accepted.. MT once this is "slid" down below 1.00 [all above truncates 2 places] but sliding under throws the error. While "Sink and Drown" is 2 decimal thru the 1.00 barrier.
  5. Thank you sir, as you might have noticed... IF over $ 1.00 then [fine w/0.01 increments Blowing below, throws 0.xxxx and error Jim
  6. Yes Jerry, sorry for delay in reply. [ Notify me of replies was not on] Symbol GPL TD/TD and on Intraday sir
  7. Morning Jerry, Happy Holiday season and thanks again for the tweaks of my suggestions ~~ Back in The Day ~~ Working w/GPL on MT and while trying to slide to a new price point, getting the mpi [minimum price increment] of 0.01 and for some reason this one is not truncating properly? As only will allow me a 'hand entry' to manually enter the price, while ToS is fine. Jim
  8. I run (2) MACD's with identical MA!, MA2 and Smooth but? I run 2 different MA Types and was wondering if you could add to the chart display the "types" output? ie...EMA - SMA - ZLMA Thanks
  9. Thank you, no rush on email and OK, here in Firefox now I alt-tab back to MT (as only 2 things running) FF and MT, It goes to MT fine then I alt-tab again and only starts switching between Open Portfolio, and the MT Dashboard only...which minimizes
  10. Doing in now sir, and another thing driving me nuts and have not reported it yet, as when I Alt-Tab to switch between programs, example to stay here and get back to MT, Once there and I then Alt-Tab to snap into Firefox, it stays MT and switched between MT jazz Portfolio open and the MT Dashboard
  11. Will do Jerry, does the program have a "export to file" thingy?
  12. Morning, I did the upgrade either yesterday or day before, not sure but I had an intraday chart alert go off just now. I used the alert bottom right to click chart, and it opened up as 5 years, 1 day? As well as when I then went up and set to 10 day and custom frequency, all lower indicators are missing that was my default yet trendlines drawn exist still Jim Update, as it seems to just this one chart? As I can open other list symbols right click-open intraday and indicators are fine. as also with historical
  13. Yes, this is Win7 OK, call me -anything but stupid-...lol, Aero? First thing that came to my head was my logbook at age 13 of over 100+ twin engine Piper Aztec hours logged...lol IS that something in QT or MSFT?
  14. I am assuming Max is speaking of mainly Intraday charts, but I know my "2 cents" used to go places.... and a quick text while using both Intraday and Historical yielded that the simplest method for use -later down the road- would be the UP-DOWN keyboard arrows..presently not tied to charts (left-right is) -off topic-? Trying to get TD to add a MouseButtonScroll once landed [clicked on] "Quick Time Frames" in effect doing the same thing
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