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  1. Single regression channel of x length. If you go back in time greater than x amount, the single regression channels encroach on right side of chart. Happens with both iintraday and historical charts.
  2. rcrracer

    Elder Force

    The only to see the difference would be to post a previous version of MT screenshot. I don't have any. Charts look a little like a consolidated chart. Like they have a mild case of the jaggies. Has the way the charts advance horizontally, due to time passing, been changed? Just a low relative volume day? Maybe it's a figment of my imagination. Elder Force appears to be working fine now.
  3. rcrracer

    Elder Force

    They started looking normal at 12.55 EST. The upper price charts lines themselves don't look the same as they used to. Maybe that contributed to the wonky Elder Force. Are the upper chart price lines consolidated or done differently in the newest version of MT?
  4. rcrracer

    Elder Force

    It appears the newest version of MT has broken the intraday Elder Force indicator.
  5. rcrracer

    raw data

    Where are instructions on how to replace the current version of MT with the previous version.
  6. rcrracer

    raw data

    Raw data time & sales. "Either the volume of the transaction or the cumulative volume for the stock up to this point - see below" is gone or moved to where.? This has been a feature since the beginning of MQT.
  7. rcrracer

    Vol %

    Granularity until 10:00AM or so. Much easier than putting the raw data volume into a spreadsheet or a calculator for the calculations.
  8. rcrracer

    Vol %

    In portfolio, could you please add one or two decimal places in Vol% column.
  9. rcrracer

    TDA data

    Information/values in portfolio not updating unless a chart is opened for the symbol. Can easily be seen by looking at Vol% column. TDA data. Restarted MT. Problem still exists. Opened intraday charts for inactive symbols to 'wake them up'. When intraday charts were closed, updating problem persists.
  10. rcrracer

    Gap %

    In the portfolio page, if a symbol gaps 0.00%, MT doesn't stabilize that cell. It might be dependent on how the gap % is rounding in the hidden numbers to the right of .00, the cell switches from red 0.00%. to blank cell, to green 0.00%. SHV symbol does this once a week or so. Today the SHV gap cell is red 0.00% or blank. Other gap 0.00% symbols can be found daily by using the Finviz screener and sorting the gap column. How often the cell changes might be dependent on number of trades. (This may be a MT feature.)
  11. rcrracer

    TYPE Line Tick

    On a chart selecting: Main-TYPE--Line Tick. When mousing over lines, value indicator box(improper terminology) doesn't appear adjacent to the cursor position. It could appear anywhere including off the chart to the left. Also, it doesn't correspond to the value of the cursor location. Works fine on all the other line types, such as Line, Candle, OHLC. MT Version 1.1.1720.2224 x86
  12. rcrracer

    adjust to scale

    Is there any way to adjust to scale either horizontal lines dragged to lower charts or by using the draw-lines-shift method? When dragging the horizontal lines to the lower charts, the adjust to scale check box disappears. If it is possible, can it be done with individual horizontal lines instead of globally? Example: You have multiple horizontal lines in one lower chart, but you only want to adjust to scale at zero.
  13. rcrracer


    MT Ver 1.1.17000.2018 x86 TDA data feed. Portfolio 'Rng%' col. only shows '%' sign when percentage >=75%(green) or <=25%(red). >25-<75(black) has no '%' sign. Was sketchy on Wed. Described problem occurring on Thur. and Fri. Insignificant problem.
  14. rcrracer

    TDA data

    'Hit Hist Backfill All button' did the trick. Thanks. Please ignore axis/axes comment. My bad. Unbeknown to me, axes is the plural of axis.
  15. rcrracer

    TDA data

    Using TDA data, Avg. Vol and Vol% columns don't fill/display numbers when opening each day. To get those columns to fill/display numbers, each individual ETF(and maybe stocks) historical chart needs to be opened. The data for those two columns must come from the historical charts. Seems like they should automatically fill without having to open each historical chart. Ver 1.1.17000.2018 x86 Problem was also in previous Ver. Typo in help. Title-'axes' should be 'axis'. Also same typo in the header of the help page.