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    Chart Overlay

    I stand corrected
  2. Vic

    Chart Overlay

    It seems that MT does currently not allow to create a chart based on more than one underlying for the purpose of comparison. I use this feature quite often, e.g. to put the performance of a single stock in comparison with its index. Would be nice if MT could support this at some point.
  3. Vic

    Swiss Indices

    Thanks Jerry, this worked, unfortunately no volume data though. For anyone interested, the Google Finance data for the SMI can be called using $SMI:SWX Jerry, if you ever get around to it, it might be easier for new users if you'd set up an alias along the lines you did for the rest of the Swiss market: $SMI:VIRTX for the SMI, $SPI:VIRTX for the SPI.
  4. Vic

    Swiss Indices

    Hi Jerry, The two major Swiss indices, SMI and SPI, are unfortunately not supported by my main data source (IB) for the time being, and I can't figure out how to backfill them using data from Yahoo or Google. I tried at least 15 different combinations. I'd appreciate if you could tell me how this can be achieved. Here are the respective sites on Google and Yahoo for these indices: SMI: https://www.google.com/finance?cid=1052581216806242 http://finance.yahoo.com/quote/^SSMI/news SPI: https://www.google.com/finance?q=INDEXSWX%3Asxge&ei=ZiOTV6iqM4iisgHznKSYBg - not supported by Yahoo - Vic
  5. Hi Jerry, I'm still experiencing the same issue (running version 1.1.1073.556 x64). Vic
  6. When editing spreadsheets under Windows using just the keyboard, it is common to navigate between cells using the arrow keys, then press F2 to enter into a cell and change its content. In MT, specifically when editing a portfolio or watchlist, this does not work as expected. I can navigate between the cells just fine using the keyboard, and pressing F2 enables the editing mode. However, instead of navigating within the cell, making use of the arrow key shifts the focus to another cell, making it impossible to change the content without using the mouse.
  7. Ok, understood. Would be nice, in this case, if you could update MT to at least read the name of the security from the html page. Right now, I just have a dash "-" for name.
  8. I'm not sure if this is a MT bug or a problem with the data feed. To reproduce this bug, make a new entry for a Swiss equity, such as UBSG:VX and use Yahoo Finance as the source. If you make the entry after the market has closed, only the following fields are written to MT: Last, Chng, Chg%, High, Low, Volume, Prv Cls. If you enter the same ticker during trading hours, all fields will be filled, including Name, 52Lo, 52Hi, MktCap etc.
  9. Vic

    Swiss securities

    Hi Jerry, I'm trying to figure out the best way to manage Swiss securities from within MT. Let's take a large name for example, such as UBS Group. UBS as a ticker refers to the NYSE listed security. I'm interested in the original security on its Swiss home market. The original ticker there is UBSG. When I enter UBSG in MT, it recognizes the name for the news alerts, but I get no financial data with Yahoo Finance as data source. I also get no backfill. I can enter UBSG.VX which is specific to Yahoo Finance, this is recognized. The last price seems correct but both the historical as well as the intraday charts are off. The latter only shows me two hours of trading even though on the homepage of Yahoo Finance I get the full, correct chart. I am not sure about the reason for that but it almost seems as if either MT or the data source try to make the chart fit inside the US trading hours, just cutting what is before. Does MT have difficulties dealing with foreign equities, or is this a problem with the Data Source? Also, is there a general MT way of entering tickers of foreign stock that MT translates for all data feeds to understand, the way it does with US equities, or will I have to enter a ticker valid only for a specific data feed? Viktor
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