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  1. Thanks - don't know how I fell so far behind - if the problem recurs on Monday I'll post here or email you.
  2. My PC is running really slow the last couple days, delays in typing, for instance - I just checked my RAM usage, it's at 91% (!?!) and MT is consuming 6.7 GB of RAM all by itself - I've never seen this before. Using a Win10 desktop with 16 GB of RAM - is there any way to limit how much RAM MT is allowed to take, or is this indicative of a problem with my installation? I also have software that's supposed to clear RAM for a given app (cmd is "Flush process memory out"), which is supposed to send the data to the swapfile, but I did that yesterday and MT went right back to using 6.7 GB after a few seconds. Which makes me think of one thing that may be causing this - I recently created several new portfolios, and including some real time charts I have about 9-10 individual MT windows (or tabs) open - could that be the problem? I leave MT running full time on Mon-Fri, could it be a memory leak of some sort? MT is also using 18%-25% of my CPU, it varies pretty rapidly between those values - I mean it changes in less than a second if I sit there and watch.
  3. This is bizarre - I know I had Ally picked as data source because I tried all of them, and shrs out for all 5 ETFs was blank, but when I just switched a second ago I now see what you see - only ARKQ and YYY missing data. Thanks for contacting Ally.
  4. Jerry, added some new ETFs on a watchlist and having the same problem, Ally isn't giving shrs out for them - ARKQ, MINT, QYLD, TQQQ, and YYY - logged in to my Ally account and their quotes page shows the correct shrs out for them - TDA shows MC but not shrs out - can you get these addressed like last time? TIA
  5. Having problems with some news sources lately (maybe?) - Ally, Benzinga, DJCNEWS - like the headline from within MT below 02/01/21 6:10:00 AM --Analyst Actions: SVB Leerink Adjusts Price Target on Amarin to $16 From $12, Maintains Outperform Rating Ally Invest News AMRN 02/01/21 11:39:39 AM TRADEKING::M2347774 The file it opens on a web page only shows: 11:10 AM EST, 02/01/2021 (MT Newswires) -- (MT Newswires covers equity, commodity and economic research from major banks and research firms in North America, Asia and Europe. Research providers may contact us here: https://www.mtnewswires.com/contact-us) Price: 7.65, Change: +0.15, Percent Change: +2.00 No text about the headline - is the headline the actual news in cases like this? As in on stock message boards like Investor Village, some people will write a post with the subject line "Stock XYZ now in overbought territory EOM", where EOM means "there's no text in the post, the subject line is all I wrote"? I didn't use to get many like this, but now nearly all from those sources are like that - only Yahoo sourced news actually contains text in the article, like "Y! Motley Fool", and "Y! Barron's". I may just want to disable those headline only news sources, but I don't know where Benzinga and DJCNEWS comes from - Ally or TDA?
  6. Streaming news from TDA a problem again - when I fired up MT this morning got a warning "TDA streaming news not available, contact them and subscribe for news" - after talking to their tech rep, problem is that they no longer have or require a subscription for streaming news (only L2), said if I can get real time quotes I should be getting TDA news. I think Benzinga news is from TDA - just checked, yes, when I click on a Benzinga news link a browser tab opens titled "AMTD: Benzinga", URL is "file:///C:/Users/My Name/AppData/Local/2GK/Medved Trader/Temp" - so it looks like I'm getting TDA news but MT isn't aware of it, at least when you start it up.
  7. ex_hacker202

    Yahoo News

    Log on the way, check your email.
  8. ex_hacker202

    Yahoo News

    I understand that Yahoo news is only be request now, but as I mentioned I'm not seeing a yellow "there's new news" lightbulb next to any symbol - I have no way of knowing if TDA or Ally or CNBC has news waiting for me, and checking my portfolio I do see news today that came from either TDA or Ally plus CNBC news. This is a separate issue from no longer auto-polling Yahoo news. As an aside, what suddenly caused Yahoo news to be too much of a burden for MT to handle after all these years?
  9. ex_hacker202

    Yahoo News

    Since the last update I'm not seeing any yellow light bulbs for news next to any of the symbols in my portfolios or watch lists - are you saying MT will no longer download Yahoo news automatically, or did this switch apply to all news sources? For a few symbols I see an outline of a lightbulb, clicking on that symbol for news opens the news panel, but it takes a couple seconds to populate - I have to manually check every symbol for new news, this is not good - some symbols even have news but no lightbulb symbol at all, meaning I have to scroll through every symbol (about 60!) to see if there's news. This has to be fixed - the news function is crucial to watch lists. I'm currently getting news from TDA, Ally, and Yahoo sources.
  10. Thanks - I assume "them" is Ally? I just tried to enter an order for the same stock on their website, won't take it - there's a foreign transaction fee associated with the stock, and some brokers won't let you buy it at all, wonder if Ally is one of them? When I earlier wrote the AH trade was entered, that was just in the MT trade log - when I checked transactions on the Ally site it showed 3 rejections and 1 pending, meaning they didn't actually accept the AH trade.
  11. Don't know if this has anything to do with Ally not supporting MT as of today - got this message when I tried to trade from the L2 window. But then order went through in AH - huh? Temporary glitch? Day limit orders aren't supposed to get accepted in AH AFAIK, the day ends at 4:00.
  12. Sorry, didn't look in the General Support forum, only here in the bug forum. Like others, I had to do the update/restart process twice (read that on the other forum) before MT would take my login - but then I got a weird popup I've never seen before: MT - TD Ameritrade account not enabled for news TD Ameritrade: Your TO Ameritrade account is not enabled for Streaming News. To enable, please call TD Ameritrade at 866- 839-1100 and ask to enable the Streaming News Subscription The technical representative on the phone will be able to enable this in TD Ameritrade internal system. Have you ever seen that before? I don't know what news comes from TDA to start with - sources are usually: Source DJCNEWS Yahoo BENZINGA Ally Invest News But after the update I see some new sources: Y! Motley Fool Y! Investor's Business Daily Y! Barrons.com Not sure I've ever actually seen TDA listed as a source - I'll call and ask for access but don't know if they actually will send streaming news to MT.
  13. Same issue I've had in the pass, albeit with a slight twist - TDA is refusing to recognize my login attempt, and it's rejecting it in about 1 second - almost too fast, like MT isn't sending it. Not a connection problem from my end, I got that issue fixed last week.
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