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  1. I think the update may have fixed the TDA issue - noticed something new prior to updating that caused the TDA security login problem today (I was premature saying "hey, no problem anymore!) - MT opened fine this morning, it was only when I tried to open L2 for a stock this afternoon that the TDA stuff occurred, whereas last week it was doing it right after starting MT up. Weirdness all around. Will send the log if it happens again, thanks for the help.
  2. Jerry, you're not going to believe this.....I shut down MT, restarted, and no TDA security screen for the first time in 2 weeks! I haven't updated to the latest version yet, the one that just came out last week. I assume you don't want the log file unless I get that TDA login problem?
  3. Restoring settings between startups meaning what, exactly? I have MT set up to open up exactly the way it was closed, which used to mean auto-login to TDA and Ally. There's actually something identical going on with the Ally website - I sometimes have to use a Chrome-based browser to access it because they occasionally run these annoying redirect script promos that my version of Firefox can't handle, leaving me stuck in limbo until I log on and say "no thanks" using the Chrome browser, - but every time I try to log in it's doing the same thing TDA is doing from within MT - this does not happen if I go to Ally using my old version of Firefox after I decline the promo offer in the other browser. I only have an emergency use cell phone so I can't get a security code texted to me, so every time they run one of those stupid promos I need to reverify the Chrome browser by calling Ally and having them give me a security code over the phone - REALLY annoying! A clue to what's going on may be one last piece of info - I hate IE, but I can log into Ally on IE without getting this security verification screen - again, I suspect it may be some cookie- type issue, although the Chrome settings are wide open for cookies. Note that even the script Ally uses on their security screen if broken - clicking on "Send Security Code" gives me an error msg, doesn't ask me where I want it sent despite the fact that I have two email addresses set up within Ally for Security Code Delivery Options.
  4. I was going to start a new topic about this new TDA issue but found this thread - every time I start MT TDA makes me answer a security question and ticking the "trust this device" does nothing - in browsers usually you only have to do that once and a cookie gets set, but for some reason the MT ==> IE ==> TDA connection doesn't "remember" that you've already verified the device. Is this an MT issue or a TDA issue? Of note, I have not had to answer a security question to access my TDA account using Firefox. Is there maybe a security setting in IE I need to modify, perhaps allowing 3rd party cookies be kept permanently or something similar?
  5. Thanks Jerry - sort of maddening when it appears Ally has news I want to read but can't.
  6. The stock news function is showing more and more articles coming from Ally Invest, but clicking on the links brings up a page in my browser that says "Story details not available" - actually have to log into your Ally account and search for the new for that symbol - can't even log into Ally right now, but that's a different problem. There's no way to open the news link in a different browser than your default either, no URL is supplied - is this fixable?
  7. Ah, I did it wrong - not backfill or historical backfill, need to change the data feed to Ally - I use TDA as default because those are my main accounts, will stay switched to Ally from now on - thanks. Still have a problem with 3 symbols - all CEFs but PCI and LDP now show shrs out (anther Pimco CEF PDI is ok), and AMRN again shows 150k shrs out, real number is ~358M. Ally shows the wrong number on it's website, but MT isn't even picking that up - Yahoo and TDA show the same number for AMRN on their websites, but not in MT: Ally - Shares Outstanding (MRQ) 330.9M TDA - Shares Outstanding 358.9M Yahoo - Shares Outstanding 5 358.91M Curious why you say TDA doesn't provide that data - on TDA and Ally you have to get a symbol quote then click on a tab "Fundamentals" to find shrs out - perhaps that's not how MT gets the data, meaning it's in a separate data stream?
  8. TDA, Ally, Smartsource, and Yahoo are the ones I have access to.
  9. I just noticed that shrs out (and therefor market cap) disappeared for multiple symbols, and hist. backfill using all four sources available to me does not resolve the problem - I know one of the stocks, AMRN, used to have bad shrs out data, MT showed 150k when there are 353M, but now multiple symbols are just blank. I understand that CEFs and ETFs have always had this issue, but regular stocks did not - what happened? Here are some of the symbols where shrs out no longer appear, and these are just ones I either own or have on a watchlist, I'll bet there are many others with the same problem: AMRN CSCO GLNG MTNB QRVO SRPT
  10. The four symbols that won't load shrs out are AMZA, GLOP, PCI, and SMHB - in order, those are an ETF, a stock, a CEF, and an ETN. I know why mutual funds won't show shrs out, but those other four types of investments should report it.
  11. A bit of confusion - I didn't mean the symbol CEF, I meant a Closed End Fund, actual symbol that won't load shrs out is PCI. Don't know what you mean by " are you using regular Ally Invest or MBT" - if you're asking how I'm fetching quotes in MT, it's Ally Invest at the moment (sometimes use TDA so I can trade from within MT).
  12. Jerry, just noticed that problem myself, on a watchlist only a fraction of the symbols had shrs out listed - swapped to using Yahoo as data source, then Ally, and they all filled in except a few - one ETN, one ETF, one CEF, and one stock - I can understand possible issues with ETNs/ETFs as shrs out fluctuate, but I went to the Ally website, looked up quotes for the CEF and it shows shrs out, but MT can't see it for some reason. Not a huge issue, just weird that Yahoo and Ally show shrs out for all four if you go to their webpages but MT can't download the data.
  13. Okay, I think I probably understand why you made the change, thanks for giving me an explanation.
  14. Any technical reason why total volume isn't available anymore (broker data feeds?), or was it something that just had to go away for programming purposes? Visually, to me seeing total volume in the raw data stream was way easier to understand than looking at a real time intraday chart.
  15. Jerry - don't know which update broke the raw time and sales data, but there is no longer a link to swap between block trade volume and total daily volume - this is a very important part of MT for me when looking at what's going on for a specific stock when news comes out, like one of my stocks today, which went up +10% then crashed back to where it started - I can't discern when the volume changed, or if it did, when the takedown started. See screen caps below - they show what I see compared to what the Help section says:
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