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  1. dave

    TD AMERITRADE Issues - DNS problems, workaround..

    Very Good. Thank you.
  2. dave

    DBX Historical Chart

    Thanks. Had only one chart doing that.
  3. dave

    TD Ameritrade - down....

    Had to restart MT. Good to go now
  4. Good to go. While you were dealing with color sets in beta figured I’d bring it up.
  5. I can choose to select a color option however when I click to select one the option to do so disappears.
  6. Yes the drop down. Goes back to raw data window. No color options shown. Only on raw data window though. Color options work on open portfolio and open charts. Not using beta
  7. Raw data color sets can not be changed using the production version. Open portfolio view tab yes. Open chart view tab yes. Open raw data view tab no. Active bid and ask......
  8. dave

    Latest Update Broke "Color Sets"

    Color set hasn’t worked with raw data production version for some time now. Okay with open portfolio though.
  9. dave

    TDA issues this morning

    There is a TV delay for reasons. CNBC is always behind MT. Add in the VIX those days and sure.
  10. dave

    TDA issues this morning

    It could be a blessing in disguise
  11. dave

    TDA issues this morning

    Data feed okay but the site is down.
  12. dave

    Ex div.date

    Well OK. I guess it’s not a feature already available in the program. Just asking. I have 7 different ex dates every month.    
  13. dave

    Ex div.date

    Hi Jerry & Mike Would there be a way to show the next ex dividend date in the portfolio column rather than the last date? I think it would be more useful for planning purposes. If one of my holdings sells off much more than the distribution on ex div date I’ll add some shares.....so having the next date rather the last date would be a big help.
  14. dave

    TD Ameritrade issue this morning.

    Working now..10:46