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  1. Is there any way to keep count of cash in a portfolio? I used to be able to use FDRXX as a symbol with a value of 1, to keep a total total with cash in a portfilio. Is there a way to put cash in to keep the total for that portfolio?
  2. As an old QuoteTracker user from the 90s, I got used to monitoring several Indices at the top along with the portfolio.Is there any way to monitor Indices on the Menu bar, or Quick Access bar, etc. Also, I noticed when I open the ribbon tab and close it again, it reduces the size of the portfolio window, and it must be dragged back down to the original size. Is there a fix for that?
  3. I have used QT since late 1190s or early 2000s, before TD Ameritrade purchased it, and this was the first time I heard about Trader.... I am happy to purchase a year's subscription.... A lot of data to transfer, and it will save TD Ameritrade a client... Thanks for allowing my QT data to be imported.
  4. Do I need to get a subscription to Medved Trader or will that be covered with TD Ameritrade?
  5. It was announced that TD Ameritrade was no longer going to support QuoteTracker as of September 4, 2016. Do you know if they will support Medved Trader after that date?
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