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  1. kalmen


    What is the symbol for RIPPLE? #XRP.USD used to work, not anymore. THX!
  2. kalmen

    Symbol for the new NYSE Fang Index

    So, I see as it has shown CHANGE -2967.76 & CHANGE % -100% for 2 days....how does one fix this?
  3. The symbol on Ameritrade is NYFANG....What is the symbol for Medved as #NYFANG doesn't work right?
  4. kalmen

    Data feed frozen

  5. kalmen

    Data feed frozen

    My stock quotes stopped updating about 30 minutes ago but the Index bar across the top does update. I have restated and the data feed is on. I use Ameritrade, how to fix this??????
  6. kalmen

    Option Pricing in portfolio

  7. kalmen

    Option Pricing in portfolio

    I did drag ETP over but was unable to add the number of short puts or the cost, so I did it the other way and it was fine. Is it at all possible to include option vertical spreads in a portfolio?
  8. kalmen

    Option Pricing in portfolio

    I was trying to enter it from the option chain and was off base as I couldn't find the link chain.THANK YOU as I am OK again!! I guess it's shame on me as I have used your system since 2008 (?) primarily to consolidate and follow all my securities from many brokers and accounts. More importantly, I use the ALERT function, which far surpasses any alert system of any brokerage I have ever used......and I have used a lot. I do realize I use but a very small percentage of the power that lies within your MT platform and would probably be amazed at what could be done with it! Only recently did I start to even use the portfolio function and it is a nice one too! I intend to stay with MT for the foreseeable and sure do appreciate your help and input on simple/stupid matters such as this one was..................... Options Prefixed by a period (.) - these should be entered in MT through the Option Chain Input - by clicking on the and choosing the right option symbol on the input dialog that pops up.
  9. kalmen

    Option Pricing in portfolio

    What is the option symbol format and where is he option selector to insert options into a portfolio? Is there an instruction manual I can read, as I can not find it if there is one. THX
  10. kalmen

    Option Pricing in portfolio

    Can options be included in a portfolio or is it only stocks that can be used/followed?
  11. kalmen

    Adding addition items

    THX!! I was also looking to add items not mentioned and found the add manual at bottom it..ALL GOOD!
  12. kalmen

    Adding addition items

    How do i add additional items/indexes to the toolbar across the top were it now shows $DJI $SPX.X $RUT.X etc?? I can't find the instructions on the help page.
  13. kalmen

    Canadian Quotes

    Is it possible to get Canadian quotes? I use Ameritrade.
  14. kalmen

    Portfolio Valuations

    Made the changes-ALL is Good!
  15. kalmen

    Portfolio Valuations

    Ok, I will redo that part of the platform but actually it appears the totals from the column called LAST has at least the correct current value, I think THX!