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  1. I don't know how to get version. I installed in Aug 2016. I found a "check for updates" and it replied "you have the latest version of all files".
  2. Refer back to your post of 09/14. The "high" equals the advances but the "Low" equals the entry in the "Last" column. It would be nice ( but not urgent ) to know the highest and lowest "Last" of the day.
  3. It seems to be back to it's old state! It would be more useful to show the actual "last" high & the "last" low. The number of advancing and declining can easily be approximated from the "last". Having the ability to chart $ISSU IS VERY HELPFUL! Thanks.
  4. Very quick fix! Really enjoying your program. Money well spent! Thanks
  5. Version 1.1.1700.2018 x64 No big deal but ... Enter $ISSU (NYSE Advance/Decline) as a portfolio holding. The "last", "volume" & "chart" are correct. The "low" is always equal to the "last". The "high" is equal to ??????
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