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  1. Did it again today. I had to shut down and restart to make it work again. It did it yesterday about 2:30 - 3:00 but then started working on it's own after a couple of tries. Weird. Might be my machine though, pushing it's limit. Adding symbols (more than "normal" for me) and pulling up multiple charts.
  2. So I did a hard restart, power off on the computer. Restarted everything, and now it's working. Sorry about that, not sure what happened but seems resolved now.
  3. I've tried everything, including a restart. I did have a Windows Update restart last night. Win 7 Pro 64bit. Log file sent.
  4. Currently unable to pull up any options chains, for any symbol or index, from Ameritrade. 02/19/19 @ 155 pm
  5. Seems to be back in order working properly again. Didn't at 9:30 but right now it's showing all dates. Sheesh. I don't believe it's MT, I think it's TD A's data feed. If it continues, I'll just have to make some changes I guess.
  6. Jerry, any idea when the weekly option chain will work reliably again? It seriously hampered my trading today not being able to see and operate on last day SPX options. It's starting to really make me angry.
  7. Weekly SPX option chain is messed up again. It was fine on Friday, this morning Jan 11's are the earliest calendar. Many intermittent dates are also missing. TD Ameritrade feed. Very frustrating!
  8. ...to add, I noticed this happening, I'm not sure, a month ago? Two months ago? Up until then, it worked pretty flawlessly.
  9. Here are screen shots from MT and TDA mobile app for comparison. There are many dates that are not populating. It's primarily weekly and end of month(s) that's missing.
  10. Ok, didn't know that (refresh). I thought it did it automatically when connecting to another source. So, using Yahoo (since it's free and I don't have another feed besides TD) and refreshing, the dates populate. So as you said, it's a TD problem. Maybe I will end up switching after all... Thanks. I see you still never sleep...
  11. So I decided to try other data sources, and the option chain is still the same regardless. I'm not sure why. Also, since I'm sticking with your platform, I signed up for the year. I really don't want to go through moving to another broker so... Any ideas on why weekly calendar for SPX is missing dates? I do like to trade "last day" or next day expiry, especially in volatility (as now). If I put in the symbol manually, such as .spxw_181114P2690 in the portfolio list, it'll track it fine. It's much easier to watch and track strike / price in the option chain real time though. The option chain real time with the chain updating is one of the main features I use in the program to trade.
  12. Thanks. It's not just this week and early next missing, it's a Monday here, a Wednesday there too. Weird.
  13. Good morning! I have been having issues for awhile now, with SPX options calendar leaving out many dates. It's sporadic on which dates are missing though. Since I like to trade weekly options from time to time, it's becoming a problem. I can see all the dates on my phone with TD's mobile app, and also in Think or Swim (which I hate...) but not in MT. Help?
  14. Perfect, back to being able to adjust instead of locked down. Sorry about that. Leave it to kids to play with things until they break. ? Thank You!
  15. Log sent, updated to newest version, still the same (other than newer version reference). It pops up when I go into settings and select fibonacci values.
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