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  1. NOTE: you will want to use MT symbol format: 0P0000714D:CA
  2. no, don't see any. I tried looking up via Yahoo, but does not seem that they support it either.
  3. sorry for the delay - typed the answer, but forgot to hit the submit button. their streaming datafeed does not seem to get data on the mutual funds. I checked our code and had to modify to get it to recognize the mutual fund symbol, but even when I did the prices returned were all zero
  4. in MT if you wish to have the chart show with dividend adjustment, go to the chart's VIEW tab, OPTIONS dropdown and select "Adjust for Dividends"
  5. Jerry Medved


    You picked an old thread. Mobile alerts have been available since Jan 4, 2019. In the alert properties, you can now select SHARE as one of the options, and then select SMS or Email as the share method
  6. cannot mix intraday/eod data like you mentioned, though as far as referencing daily EMA, you can probably simulate it with 3900 frequency (10 day). As for paintbar, when you add it to the chart, you can set it to display as background color?
  7. I fixed it up, though the main problem I have is that the defaults have to assume the direction you will be going based on the position, while the actual direction may be the opposite. For example: If you do NOT have a position, then it assumes that the OTOCA will be a BUY with the OCA orders being SELLs. The OCA part of the OTOCA will have a LIMIT with +HIGH and a STOP with -LOW where HIGH and LOW are the defaults for the bracket. If you DO have a position, then it assumes that the OTOCA will be a SELL with the OCA orders being BUYs. The OCA part of the OTOCA will have a LIMIT with -LOW and a STOP with -LOW In either case though, you can go in the other direction and the values will be maintained. Also, once you specify the values - explicitly or by default, when the position changes, it does not reverse them. One thing I will probably do is show the assumed Main leg so you would be able to tell if it is assuming a buy or a sell, or change the assumption. How to deal with the defaults is my biggest issue
  8. y, basically you had no position at the start and at the end, but with a position in between. Will see if I can recreate.
  9. tried a bit more but still not able to recreate. Maybe I can connect to you with TeamViewer so you can show me? let me know and I can send you instructions
  10. ok found it. the issue is specific to selecting backfill from the right click menu, or using keyboard shortcut. If you click on the backfill button, it correctly backfills all symbols. Please use that for the moment. I will fix it in the next update.
  11. please send me the log and indicate in the comment which symbol (primary) you were backfilling.
  12. that is anti-aliasing. We had the checkbox before, but at some point, it was turned off. Last build turned it back on. SETTINGS/CHARTS/DISPLAY - Last checkbox
  13. Emailed you. let me know if this fixes.
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