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  1. oops, sorry, disregard that about alert trendlines - the horizontal alert trendlines will show on different types of intraday charts (time based and Tick charts for example). Not horizontal and intraday
  2. the whole point of the trace linking is to be able to link different symbols. And with different symbols, you have completely different Y axis ranges, so what you are proposing will not work. Historical charts and intraday charts cannot share annotation/trendlines except horizontal alert trendlines. Not something that will change.
  3. even if we did have it for every row, we would still have to find the point X minutes back to compare to and repeat that every tick which is basically what the alert and paintbars do
  4. if you add the global alert for that, MT has to do the same computation as paintbars for each symbol. That involves a lot of CPU and Memory usage. It is not just a matter of taking 2 numbers and showing the difference, which is what the stuff in the quote columns is. If you want to see the same values, you can do so with Scan, but we don't want to do such computed columns as built in because 1) there can be quite a few different permutations, and 2) the quotes are supposed to be fast and light. Not something that is supposed to use tons of CPU/memory. We do want to add multi-result scans in the future, which will make doing stuff like this easier for end-users.
  5. $TICK for TD Ameritrade datafeed should now be fixed
  6. Alerts compute that stuff per symbol per alert (same as paintbar). That is not the same as in the portfolio.
  7. we don't get % change in last X minutes. Only options we have are either regular change (and %) which is from Previous close, or from Open
  8. sorry for not getting back to you earlier. was tied up so couldn't check during the day. there is definitely something wrong with the $TICK data coming from TDA. I compared to other sources. Does not seem to be in the right range. I am checking with their people about it now.
  9. y, will report it to them. Meanwhile, select "Backfill Using..." and select a different source. If you don't have another to use, just select Yahoo
  10. I tried getting quotes for $TICK and $TRIN from TD Ameritrade. They do not return HIGH/LOW for those, so the high/low is just from the time you started getting the quotes. As for NaN, (invalid value basically), I was unable to get that. Which MT version are you using?
  11. the data does not come from us. MT just shows whate the quote source sent. Tick being a very volatile symbol, could have had some bad quote..
  12. add --- as a symbol (3 dashes). for named separators, just put the name after the 3 dashes. For example: ---FUTURES
  13. can't do that since it basically requires the chart/paintbar machinery to compute
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