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  1. with non-tiled, we add a couple columns to show the scan result. With Tiled display, we really don't have a good way to show the results.
  2. note that when you select TILE display, the FILTER option on the scan is disabled. If using TILE, then results are always filtered.
  3. there is no change in code prior to splash screen loading. If you have a significant delay like that, then it would be your security software causing it. Which one are you using?
  4. we do that for some orders for brokers that don't support modify at all. As for conditional orders, we would have to cancel both and resubmit, which leaves the order unprotected since the trigger could occur during the process. Plus, we cannot guarantee that the new order will be successful - could have one side fail causing the entire thing to fail. We do not want to manage orders or deal with the issues that come with it.
  5. TD Ameritrade's conditional orders cannot be modified
  6. would not be able to do it if the order cannot be modified. For example, Trailing stop orders on TD Ameritrade. What type of order? what broker?
  7. Most lines cannot be shared between intraday and HIstorical charts. exception would be Horizontal line alerts.
  8. you can delete the alert in question. Don't have any options other than that
  9. everything should be back up
  10. Correct. TD Ameritrade issue. I just reported it . For now you can click on the Indexes tab on the portfolio and switch source to Yahoo or another datafeed. Switch back later once TD Ameritrade corrects the problem.
  11. normal logins should not ask for credentials again. Only thing I can think of is that after wake-up, your internet connection is dead and MT fails to connect because of that. If it happens again, send me the log so I can check
  12. it seems that you have something else intercepting that shortcut. It never gets to MT.
  13. Jerry Medved

    News Window

    please click on the DETAILS then send that to me Oh, also, may have fixed that already. I will email you update to see.
  14. Jerry Medved

    News Window

    We don't have "Classic". You must be using a custom one. I think I gave you the custom settings way back. thing is we made changes so if you wish to use the custom ones, they need to be updated. will email you
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