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  1. the problem is that they are supposed to return the "current" stop value. MT then shows the stop order at that level. They are not returning that value so the displayed order is just being shown as offset from current price. We sent an email to them about it but have not received ANY response to ANY communication in the past 4 months.
  2. y, that won't work in MT, though a trick would be to set the Annon before switching to Market
  3. yes but that is not the problem. The problem is that it is not supposed to look at those for MARKET. I changed it to send DAY for market orders. did you try?
  4. has been updated. Select FILE/HELP => Check for updates, get updates, restart.
  5. y, the problem is, I added the settings that they mention and that didnt change things - install still triggered the UAC prompt, and I really didnt have time to mess with it further. If you wish to help, setup a dummy test install that works either way : for specific user or all users (our current default)
  6. CLEAR button on the MAIN tab of the toolbar click on the dropdown portion of the clear button - will get a menu - select to clear just current day
  7. doesn't matter that "line isn't going through data that isn't available on both charts". If you leave the line on that chart overnight, it would trigger at different values depending on which chart you look at and the alert stuff is happening without looking at the charts (you can close the charts and it would still trigger). so it has to operate based on one chart. Display is also matching the chart
  8. if you clear today's data first on the MT chart and then backfill is it still the same?
  9. that is correct (unless the line is horizontal). for non-horizontal lines, the values would be different if spanning multiple days with and without ext. hours.
  10. we use Inno Setup. I know it is possible to do with it but my attempts to change the PrivilegesRequired settings did not seem to have any effect. And really do not want to switch setup software.
  11. you dont have the updated version yet, so CC is not recognized. Since it is not recognized, it defaults to US Markets for the timeframe. And US Markets are closed today. on the chart, click on the VIEW tab and change the timeframe to Canadian markets
  12. CA, TO, TSE, V, VENTURE - they all are sent as CA exchange code to QuoteMedia. I will make it work with CC too
  13. don't know what CC is. if you enter them with CA suffix, it will work
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