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  1. Hi, I am checking the stuff you sent. There may be changes to the API. we will update MT and I will get back to you via email
  2. y, having the opening range in the PB is causing that. will check
  3. ok, 1) are quotes started on the portfolio? top of the portfolio - if button says start, click on it 2) if quotes are started, open intraday chart. On the chart, select the option to clear the data. after it clears, does the data in portfolio update OK?
  4. historical charts are set to "Real-time Updates" by default. that means that the last candle is built from the OPEN, HIGH, LOW and LAST values as shown on the portfolio window (NOTE: NOT INTRADAY Chart). If you are not getting quotes on the symbol right now on the portfolio, that data may be stale. If you do open an intraday chart, it should update.
  5. volume where? on portfolio quotes? on charts? do other things update?
  6. what does "volume replenished" mean? backfilled? no, that would not be automatic
  7. NOTE that MT now has a volume control. Wonder if it is muted or set all the way down. on bottom left of the Portfolio or Dashboard, click on the sound icon
  8. Jerry Medved

    Yahoo News

    if you enter the symbol in that format, it will not work. Have to use MT symbol format: OXE:ST
  9. what is the exact type of file that you are playing?
  10. that is not part of "Layouts". SETTINGS / APPLICATION / APPEARANCE - Checkbox for "Color LAST according to range. The color coding shows you were within the daily range the stock is trading right now.
  11. Crypto stuff has separate API connection setup. that is not how it is done for stock trading account. Just select TD Ameritrade as the quote source on a portfolio and you will be prompted for the login. Should get a prompt to auto configure trading after the quotes login Schwab is not supported. they operate separate from TD Ameritrade and will continue to do so for a couple years till things are integrated, so it would be best to just open a TD Ameritrade account
  12. we don't have that info. there may be something that is IB specific, but well.... a bit too IB specific.
  13. I am not suggesting you run IB in portfolio. I am saying you should have the quotes for the account view come from IB. They should by default unless you specified "Alternate Quote Source" for your IB account in MT settings. Then, the positions should show shortable
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