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  1. right click on the window caption and select "Set As Default"
  2. You can use the regular export functionality - FILE / EXPORT - unselect everything except the layouts and export. If you want to manually select layouts, you can then open the export file and manually remove whatever items you don't want there. The *.MTExport file is just zip. so can rename it to *.zip, edit, rename back.
  3. because MT does not get those with Stockwatch. If you open Detailed Quote, I think it will get them.
  4. when I changed it to send DAY+Ext on all 3 legs, TWS returned: Order Event Warning:Attribute 'Outside Regular Trading Hours' is ignored based on the order type and destination. PlaceOrder is now being processed and only the STOP order leg ended up with the extended hours attribute. When I tried to place a simple limit order right now via TWS, it does not let me set the RTH option. So, how do you enter such an order?
  5. if you turn off MT's "Real-time Update for historical charts" and backfill the chart with IB data, you will see exactly the same chart as what is in TWS as afar as data. SETTINGS / CHARTS / GENERAL. the values do get updated with TD Ameritrade and others.
  6. on historical charts, last candle is built from the intraday Open, High, Low and LAST as shown on the portfolio (NOT the intraday chart). some datafeeds do not update the Open, HIgh, Low in premarket, thus that candle. Only thing you can do is turn off the option for real-time updates on historical charts.
  7. Correct. All that is needed is for IE to be updated and initially started. After that everything should work as you noticed.
  8. check that you are able to login to your TD Ameritrade account using Internet Explorer. NOTE: Specifically Internet Explorer, NOT Chrome, Firefox or whatever else you may be using by default. If you successfully login, then restart MT and try again Also in an unrelated note note that you are using a 32 bit version of Win 7 and though that works, it will not be as stable as 64 bit windows. And though I cannot tell if the memory usage is accurte, but it seems low.
  9. will be sometime next month most likely
  10. You need to change the sources to IQ or QM on top of the portfolio window - on the toolbar. that is where the quote selection is done. if you wish the quotes on Account View and Trade ticket to be from IQ or QM instead of IB, then also have to go to SETTINGS / TRADING / ACCOUNTS - click on IB and set the Alternate Quote Source to be IQ or QM. NOTE: Account View and Trade ticket quotes by default are not stored, so they should not interfere even if left on IB.
  11. @YMZ20 is the MT symbol format, not barcharts. That is what should be used regardless of source. for Ameritrade, it is also better to use the continuous contract symbol: @YM
  12. no, would have to remove and add in the order you want.
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