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  1. Jerry Medved


    I mean it is only available for stocks trading on NASDAQ. IBM for example isn't going to show anything.
  2. Jerry Medved


    I edited - IQFeed LEVEL II is NASDAQ only. Stockwatch Level II is fast, though not quite as quick as IQFeed. The difference is relatively minor - fraction of a sec
  3. Jerry Medved


    IB Level I data is consolidated, but it is fast. not sure where you saw the "slow" thing. IB Level II is really bad because the data available in TWS is NOT the same data available to us via their API. You have 3 main options for data if Level II is required: IQFeed: https://medvedtrader.com/iqfeed - subscription Stockwatch: https://medvedtrader.com/stockwatch - subscription TD Ameritrade - brokerage account. TDA is good that may depend on what you trade. have seen it get stuck a lot with low priced symbols. IQFeed LEVEL II is NASDAQ only
  4. Jerry Medved

    CFD code in MT with IB

    CFDs - that is one of the few securities that we do not support multiple PCs - sure, you can do that. in TWS API settings, specify the IP of the computer running MT as a"Trusted IP" in MT, go to SETTINGS / Data Sources/Setup accounts, click on Interactive Brokers and specify the TWS IP Address and port - the IP address of the computer running TWS and the PORT is the one specified in TWS API settings. Then go to SETTINGS / TRADING / ACCOUNTS, click on the Interactive Brokers entry and do the same thing there with the IP
  5. Jerry Medved

    High CPU usage

    please resend the log
  6. Jerry Medved

    High CPU usage

    I emailed you last night with an update. did you get it?
  7. Jerry Medved

    Can not add annotation box on Historical chart.

    recreated with your settings. will get back to you
  8. Jerry Medved

    Can not add annotation box on Historical chart.

    downgrading to an earlier version without also restoring previously stored settings will cause a problem. Just run the latest and send me the info if you still have the problem
  9. Jerry Medved

    Can not add annotation box on Historical chart.

    I need to get the settings to see what the problem is. Please do the following: Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) And add this Post’s URL in the comment as well as which exact chart I should look at (if you have multiple open). Do not check any check-boxes.
  10. Jerry Medved

    Autoload of trade qty

    it doesn't follow any of the rules. that is kind of the point. It is not defaulting. Can't make it do some rules but not others.
  11. Jerry Medved

    TDA and IB Advanced API Features Status

    As far as TD Ameritrade's new API, I assume so, though cannot say for sure. The stuff we are currently working with is not with the new API
  12. Jerry Medved

    TDA and IB Advanced API Features Status

    if the account is set to "Advanced", there will be no conditional orders (Bracket orders in this case), no order routing and no special instructions on orders (AON, FOK, DNR).. that is TDA's API restriction
  13. Jerry Medved

    High CPU usage

    please send me the log - can't really comment without seeing that
  14. Jerry Medved

    single regression channels

    maybe I am missing something, but what is the point of showing the lines if they are set to "clear" color? Why bother even modifying that setting?