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  1. I checked here both with MT and with 2 browsers. did not get any issue with one logging off the other. However, I DID get the same system error when logging in via browser that so frequently causes MT errors, so it is not MT specifically. Their systems are just that F*#(# up
  2. don't remember them restricting it to 1 login before, but they may have changed
  3. sigh. could be fidelity's screwy login, or could be Win 7. can you check that you can login via IE browser into Fidelity. SPECIFICALLY IE, not Chrome, Firefox, or any other
  4. I see. It is not MT though. No data is being sent
  5. alerts on indicators - you can do that using Paintbars/scans. you can make the rules in the paintbar based on indicators and when triggered, have it trigger an alert. Then add the paintbar to the chart. (or use it to scan a portfolio) https://www.medvedtrader.com/trader/WebHelp/paintbars.htm timeframes - you can change ALL the intraday charts to a particular frequency but not just select few. To do that 1) change on chart to the frequency you want. 2) on that chart, TEMPLATE tab, click on the dropdown portion of the "Sync Open Charts" button and select to "Sync Frequency" If you do that frequently and don't want to constantly have to switch tabs, click dropdowns, etc, you can RIGHT-click on that "Sync Frequency" menu item and select to "Add to Quick Access Toolbar". You will then have that option available even when toolbar is closed
  6. TD Ameritrade disabled the old login method on Friday. The 1.1.8900.1 version of MT or newer will work with the new login procedure. Old MT will not work. If you are using an old MT version, you will need to update MT in order to be able to login to TD Ameritrade. Please get the update at: https://medvedtrader.com/download Close MT and install this one over the existing setup.
  7. not sure what percentage scale you refer to, but as far as Log Scale, you can select to use that on the chart type dropdown on historical charts
  8. note that a custom frequency is CTRL+0 which brings up the popup. However, once you set it to 2 minutes, you can switch to it without the popup using CTRL+=
  9. no, the API does not support updating of the UI. Not something we would add right now - not until we do a full rebuild of the API
  10. will be in the next update.
  11. "Do NOT Log" checkbox will be in the next update
  12. Actually, the centering is always automatic and just stops if you move the mouse over the window. In general you don't want stuff to be moving under the cursor when you are trying to click to place a trade. NOTE: double click on the LAST column does an immediate center. You don't have to click the button on top. I did just realize we don't have an option to set a keyboard shortcut for it. will check on that.
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