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  1. we are fixing this. Meanwhile, if you change it to (Close.Crosses(EMA_10[0]) || Close.Crosses(EMA_20[0])) && (EMA_10[0] >= VWAP_U[0]) && (Open[3] >= Close[0]) && (High[3] >= High[0]) ) it will work NOTE: | is a bitwise OR where as || is a logical OR. Need to use || or MT supports the word OR
  2. one more thing - note that you don't have to figure out the colors. We Have the Color INSERT button on the toolbar of the Advanced Editor. put the cursor in the code where you want the color code to go, click on the INSERT button for the color palette, select the color, done.
  3. I stand corrected. It was an MT issue that got triggered when # of transactions went over 100. I sent you an update.
  4. ok, there is definitely an issue and the change was not on our end. Servers are returning WAY Too much history, which is why it is slow as heck. Looking and will see if we can do anything and also report to them.
  5. no, not trade log. The log file from the program: Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) And add this Post’s URL in the comment.
  6. do you have some open orders from previous day or early in the day? send me the logs and I can check
  7. E*Trade login should now be working!!!
  8. We are working on adding Fidelity for trading to MT. It would be same type of setup as we did for Robinhood - no data. Trading only. This is due to the fact that Fidelity does not cooperate and does not have a public API. So... seeking feeback - Do you'all have a Fidelity account? would you use it for trading in MT?
  9. there is no beta right now. As for the login, it is an E*Trade issue. We notified them and waiting for them to fix. Meanwhile, We got a workaround for the quotes. Select FILE / HELP => Check for updates. Let MT update all files, then restart MT even if nothing was updated.
  10. 32"? that is so 2010. https://www.costco.com/LG-49WL95C-W-49"-Curved-DQHD-60Hz-IPS-Monitor.product.100482554.html
  11. you can make the portfolio window wider. We have no control over that.
  12. Yes, our chart trading lets you just drop the capsule representing the order where you want, drag it up/down to adjust price, send the order, then drag up/down to modify the price or type in exact price. change QTY, etc. Cancel is just a button shown on the trade capsule. the picture here is for a stock, but works same way for crypto: see the little circle with red x on top right of the capsule on the bottom - you click it and that will cancel the order.
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