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  1. no way to sort as numeric by that column. You can pad the #s with leading zeros when entering so they will have the same # of digits
  2. 1) there is no need to specify Display Size. Just delete that row. 2) instead of Ask, you can do Ask * 1.05. Remember to use floor(10 / (Ask * 1.05)) in the Quantity calculation too 3) set the LimitPrice to Bid * 0.95
  3. Hotkeys are not production released yet, so we are still getting some stuff in order. The help file does have documentation so for example, if you are on the editor screen and hit F1, you will get a window with help for the Hotkey Editor. Click on the HEADER link to see info about that. To cancel X% of the position, you can specify the following in the Quantity field: Pos/2 (for 1/2 of the position). Pos/5 (for 1/5th or 20%) or if you have some specific percent, like 15% for example, you can do: Pos * 15 / 100 Window Type - Yes, it controls which windows that hotkey is av
  4. sure. go to https://medvedtrader.com/forgotpassword
  5. we recreated the first issue with OCA (easier to deal with). Mike is on it now.
  6. 2) no. sometimes IB just takes it's sweet time to send the stop price. I had it happen (in paper trading) just now
  7. 1) I was able to recreate. Is it only after OTOCA or if you put in an OCA order too? 2) this happens if IB doesn't send the actual "Stop" price. Until then, only thing MT has is the offset, so it shows it as offset from "current" price. Once IB sends the actual stop price, it can show it properly. If viewing the Account View, Transactions window, you will see the stop price show up.
  8. we do not currently support their options trading. Last I checked, they did not have it on the website, just through their app.
  9. got it. recreated, will fix. For others watching, uncheck "Regular session values only" on the h.line properties for the time being.
  10. maybe something data specific, since we cannot recreate. I need to get your settings and data to see what the problem is. Please do the following: go to FILE / Export/Backup menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) Select “To share with others” export file protection option on top right Leave the checkboxes already checked, and also check LOG FILE and QUOTE DATA boxes. Export (note the location of the file – it is shown in center of the right side of that screen) The file will be too large to email. Please send it to us using https://wetransfer.com/ Or one of the other cloud
  11. I tried here with the latest MT and it showed correctly. What exact timeframe is selected on the VIEW tab of the chart?
  12. Please include the full chart, not snippets. saves time so we don't have to ask for which symbol for example
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