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  1. Paper trading not supported with TDA at this time. Read Only flag blocks all transactions in MT, so you can view the account but not send/modify/cancel orders - basically a self imposed precaution
  2. MT already does that. If a chart is backfilled, all symbols on it are backfilled, not just the primary
  3. we do not currently have automated trading as you described. For programmers out there, you can do scans that trigger the alerts, then use the API to act on the alerts and send the trades (both getting alert notifications and sending trades can be done with the API)
  4. no, indicators cannot be used in the hotkeys
  5. no, they did not change anything. Here is a chart I backfilled just now with TD Ameritrade If you are not seeing that, please backfill same then send me logs. Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio) include the URL of this post in the comment when sending
  6. not a problem - just wanted to get to the bottom of it - you have this on both computers or just 1?
  7. what you describe happens if focus was outside of MT - be it on another non-MT window or clicking on desktop or start menu, and then when focus is set to MT, MT has to reset the window order and bring all windows to front and when there is a lot of them or if your first action was right click, might get messed up. If you first click on the window, then right click, does it still happen?
  8. yes, but note the first part of my question... are you clicking on some window outside of MT and THEN right click on MT window?
  9. are you clicking on some window outside of MT, and then clicking or right clicking on MT window?
  10. Hold down the SHIFT key while moving mouse over the chart. If you want the trace to show all the time, click on the little gear icon on that box and select "Always Show"
  11. NOTE: it is a setting on SETTINGS / APPLICATION / APPEARANCE - checkbox for "Color LAST According to Range"
  12. you can add a row # column. as for number of subscribed symbols not going down, the same symbols might be getting data somewhere else in MT - chart for example. If you do not think that is the case and can reproduce, let me know.
  13. I just cleaned it up. Please log out on our website, then log back in and try again. If you still have an issue, email us. Thanks
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