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  1. Jerry Medved

    Times and Sales (Interactive Brokers)

    First, the raw data window in MT is not tied to Level II in any way. it just shows all the quotes that come in on the Level I window. in your case, your case, you have the BID/ASK columns hidden, so that hides the meaning of the empty rows. MT raw data shows you when just the bid/ask changed. In that case, the volume and LAST will be empty and just the bid/ask are shown. Since you have them hidden, it just looks like an empty row. If you set the filtering to TRADES, it will hide that. As for the volume - The raw data is showing the change in volume from one quote to another. Keep in mind that IB is not a tick by tick datafeed. So each row could represent multiple trade. Also if there was an interruption in quotes or if for some reason the cumulative volume for a symbol jumped, you would see the increase like the 30K one you pointed to. in TWS, they do let you see a tick by tick T&S, but that is a custom feed specific to IB and limited in number that can be subscribed, so we cannot use that. MT just subscribes to their regular Level I quotes
  2. Jerry Medved

    TDA Paper Money

    no, their paper trading is currently TOS only and is not available via API. It may be enabled in the future.
  3. Jerry Medved

    Trend lines and charts

  4. that is not a bug. That works as intended. Shifting just moves the entire indicator over to the left by X bars. In order to do what you suggest, we would need to be able to see in the future what the price channel will be.
  5. Jerry Medved

    Copy / Paste between charts

    no, same issue. You can just copy the text itself and paste it into another text block on the other chart.
  6. Jerry Medved

    Copy / Paste between charts

    Lines are really not something that can be copied from one chart to another. Different charts have different time and price axes and just selecting the lines to be copied would be more pain that it's worth.
  7. on the chart's TEMPLATE tab, you can click the dropdown on the Sync All Charts button and select Indicators
  8. Jerry Medved

    Copy / Paste between charts

    no, cannot do that.
  9. Just added #Options trading for #Robinhood !!! Just updated for all setups. Select FILE/HELP => Check for Updates and let MT update all files, and then restart MT. https://medvedtrader.com/robinhood
  10. Jerry Medved

    Question about Price Channels

    the shift just shifts the results left or right however # of candles you specify. The period on the price channel determines how sensitive it is. Here is an example of 2 on the same chart - 100 and a 20.
  11. Jerry Medved

    Question about Price Channels

    the shift parameter is already available on the Price Channel indicator. That post is from 3 months ago..
  12. Jerry Medved

    Scan whole market

    that is basically it
  13. Jerry Medved

    Scan whole market

    we always had it at 1500. Same should work on either API though we use the binary one
  14. Jerry Medved

    Framing issue I think

    this issue is caused by the latest Windows 10 update. Happens if you have MT set to not have the charts have their own task bar icon and then you minimize. You can go to SETTINGS / APPLICATION / GENERAL and check the box for “Separate task bar icon for child windows. Then assuming you have the windows task bar set to combine icons, you will be able to just click on the MT icon on the task bar and it will show you all the open windows. Alternately, on the MT dashboard you can click on WINDOWS and you will see all the MT windows that are open and can double click on them to bring them up.