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  1. the order goes away once it is filled. What you are talking about is showing an open order, which should always show if trading is enabled on the chart and you have the account selected and the option to show orders. Are you seeing the orders on the chart?
  2. if you wish to use Amex through Paylal, then add $4. Otherwise, between the credit card fee and the international fee, Paypal charges up the wazoo. As for email - very odd. I have you whitelisted, so shouldnt happen. Maybe you can send me private message here with the exact details, headers, copy/paste content of the bounce.
  3. Please send log/settings so I can check
  4. got your email and replied. note - we did receive yoiur previous email as well about the payment stuff and it was replied to as well. let me know if email stuff is OK now.
  5. There is a redirect. Don't know why you are being blocked though. Weird. I will add you to white list and emailed you. If you are going to use Amex, why not just use that directly via our signup page? Note that we do not store the CC#. That is handled by our credit card processor (Authorize.net) which is one of the largest. So security should not be an issue. We can do Paypal but really prefer not to. And if so, only for annual.
  6. the error in question comes from IB when you have TWS logged in with a paper trading account, but also are logged in somewhere with the corresponding live account. You would have to either log out of the live account, or have MT connect to TWS that is logged in with a live account.
  7. Only list you can see from TWS is positions, transactions
  8. as far as I know TD Ameritrade does not support those
  9. # is for currencies/Forex. For futures, the prefix is @ you cannot use continuous contract symbols with IB. Have to specify the expiration. For example: @GCM19 for the June expiration MT uses standard expiration format. Usual futures expiration month codes and 2 digit year
  10. SGX - latest beta should automatically set the timeframe: https://medvedtrader.com/beta what changed? I just checked and it seems to be correct. Please give correct values and a reference URL and I can check on it. you can send to support@medvedtrader.com
  11. I didn't actually see where one would login, or see info about brokerage services, like commissions. Seems that Saxo bank is looking to buy them out - will they be around? I saw the API, but no mention of Sandbox (test environment). I could I guess ask them for a test account.
  12. Jeff's problem was resolved (and yes, need the API Key, API Secret and Passphrase) for others, FYI - Setup instructions at: https://medvedtrader.com/Coinbase
  13. sorry, missed this when you initially posted. emailed you the update. (will be in next beta)
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