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  1. As always thank you for your insight Jerry
  2. I do I pay for real-time on Ally it cost 7.00 / mo. I will switch to TDA then and cancel.
  3. Because I pay for the feed from Ally and it provides real time quotes where TD is delayed or slower than Ally.
  4. Issue still persists. Same error: Ally feed faulted. Do you know if Ally is still working on this? I keep having to switch between Ameritrade and Ally. This has been going on for about 5 trading days now. Any insight is appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Looks like they resolved the issue? This email is in regard to your recent inquiry involving your data feed via the Medved trader. Our technical team created technical support case number XXXXXX to investigate and resolve the issue. Our technical team has notified us that they have resolved the issue with the data feed. At your earliest convenience, please verify your data feed. If you are still having issues, please respond and refer to case number XXXXXX Please feel free to contact us at anytime with any questions or comments you might have regarding your account or our website. We can be reached via this email address, through the “Live Chat” links on our website, or by phone at 855-880-2559. We are here for you 24/7.
  6. Does anyone know when Ally is going to resolve their streaming issues? Did they post an ETA?
  7. Thank you Jerry. I appreciate the insight.
  8. Getting error Ally feed faulted? Any insight is appreciated. Market data will not populate?
  9. I was using Ally MBT account for data feed. I updated to 1.1.9000.2. All my charts are not updating with current price. It looks like the data feed may not be working correctly? Any insight as to how I can resolve this issue? SPY still showing 228.80
  10. Hello, Can anyone tell me how to display earnings dates on chart in Medved? TIA
  11. jjevans

    Ally MBT feed?

    Thank you Jerry! All good.
  12. jjevans

    Ally MBT feed?

    I can log into Ally MBT account online but not with Medved. This just happened this AM. Is there an issue with the feed? Any insight is appreciated. Thank you
  13. Jerry much better thank you for your assistance.
  14. MBT does not show as an option? Is there a way to get that option?
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