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  1. jjevans

    Ally MBT feed?

    Thank you Jerry! All good.
  2. jjevans

    Ally MBT feed?

    I can log into Ally MBT account online but not with Medved. This just happened this AM. Is there an issue with the feed? Any insight is appreciated. Thank you
  3. Jerry much better thank you for your assistance.
  4. MBT does not show as an option? Is there a way to get that option?
  5. I called Ally and they do not see an issue on their end. They see the feed is enabled and that is it. I still have the same issue. Is there something I can do in Medved to possibly resolve this issue?
  6. Ugggg ok thank you as always.
  7. Ally feed has two servers Production and Beta. I have tried the Production but it does not populate pre market on the charts. I tried BETA but the spike is jumping up and down on the charts. Is there a preferred Ally server? Thank you, Jim
  8. Alley for MBT feed seems to be sticking on some charts the last few days. The quotes on the charts just freeze and I have to hit back-fill to see the data. Has there been any issues with them the last few days? Any insight is appreciated. Thank you.
  9. HI LW, Yes I seen that I did try that but it still showed military time on chart. I.E. 13:30 not 1:30
  10. I put a t in the box and hit apply and ok. But I still see military time? https://imgur.com/0WBlAKt https://imgur.com/lTEFj6S
  11. Hello Jerry, I hope is well. Can you tell me how to set the chart to show time as 1:30 PM instead of 13:30? I see the short time window in Application / General but I cannot see to configure this properly. Any insight is appreciated. TIA
  12. Thank you CryptoB. Very kind. Merry Christmas to ya all
  13. Hello All, What is the bar on the right of the chart window that goes up and down and red to green called? Where can I enable or disable this? TIA
  14. Is there a way to tell in Medved that I can tell if delayed quotes is running instead of real time? MBT fixed the issue on their end so they say and i just need to verify. TIA
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