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  1. http://charts.stocktwits.com/production/original_44875786.png?1446581769 Don't know if this link will work without logging in to StockTwits. Would like to use this WWV_LB Weis Wave Volume Indicator. There are people on stocktwits who have programmed it for ThinkorSwim.
  2. switched to a new laptop to get past Windows XP. Need link to reinstall beta version. Thank you!!!
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    You are correct. I'm an old lady, retired teacher, but I'd go on the road to sell this thang.
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    Installed and running beautifully. It's amazing.
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    Jerry I am requesting the beta version. Have been limping along with old version forever. Also, may I post a link to your product at StockTwits? I just joined it. I am more than eager to see the beta. Hope it isn't more complex than the QT. I find TDAmeritrade to be insufferable.
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