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  1. Hi !

    Its possible to add the volume filter (min volume per min) to the moving up/down % change alert?  (as in the Volume %change alert)

    This is to avoid getting alerts from  low liquid stocks. (I'm using a 1180 symbols list , using the Webull subscription datafeed (for only 10 usd).



  2. No more discounts applied. Now they charge the full price. 123usd for 1200 symbols with nasdaq, amex and nyse. At this price is not feasible to use as a scan with a big datafeed, compared to Trade Ideas (about 80 /month , or tc2000 from 45usd). 

    I think a feature similar to Ninjatrader market scan to  filter gainers/losers , unusual volu etc is needed asap. With a feature like this , a 300 symbol datafeed should be enough to handle the entire market.

  3. 16 hours ago, Jerry Medved said:

    holding down the SHIFT and drawing is not fast enough? if you set the line default to extend left and right, you have a line going in both directions with one click

    Ehehe, sorry didn't knew abou the feature  shift+draw  to  make an horizontal line :)  i usually draw a line and fix it horizontally :)   each day i learn something new.


    PS: anyway, to put the choice in the drawing tools  could be usefull for newbies as me :)

  4. Good morning. 

    Its possible to ad  a feature in the right click menu  to draw an horizontal line?  (i know its possible to paint it with the mouse, but  could be much faster with a "right click+selection" ) 

    Horizontal line is largely used by all to draw resistances levels and alerts lines. The faster the better.

    Alternatively, in the Draw menu, an option for an horizontal line specifically) 


  5. 18 minutes ago, Jerry Medved said:

    hm, right now it is right click only. 2 shortcuts.  By default regular "Share..." which brings up the share window is CTRL+S.  Quick Share is CTRL+SHIFT+S and it executes the previously saved "Quick Share" without any screen being brought up.  The way to specify the quick share is to bring up the regular share screen, select the share you want, and select whatever other options, then click on the QUICK SHARE button on bottom left. Works basically the same way as setting default settings for indicators, etc.


    Jerry, the reason to insert those shortcuts/logos /even if they just open the window for shring only)  is esthetic and for "advertising". Who will see the charts will see the sharing feature in it. Will be and advertising itself. 

  6. I was trying the new feature and is working good! . 

    Should be very usefull to add the option to send the same message to all socials at the same time.

    Also, if possible, the option to capture and send all the screen (very usefull to send a chart gallery with a possible watchlist)


  7. 49 minutes ago, Jerry Medved said:

    Just updated the beta. get it again. (FILE / HELP => Check for updates)


    Done Jerry, but there is an error , the red zone shoul be under -200

    This is the one using -140/140



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