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  1. Marj

    Drawing Tools

    Hi, If possible I would like to have a separate, dedicated arrow, as a drawing tool, so that I can customize it and set the default. This would be easier than using the "alt" with the line tool because I tend to alter the arrow a lot. I would also like something very small, like a dot, diamond, or small star that I can use to unobtrusively mark my entries and exits, thanks, Marj
  2. HI, I was wondering if the program can distinguish between text and trendlines. I would like to use the" hide" option to hide my text notes, but still be able to see and draw my trendlines. Thanks, Marj
  3. Hi There is a feature I really like in QT under the miscellaneous tab called "Scroll increment = 1 bar" It is really useful when back testing. I don't see this in MT, if it doesn't already exist could it be added? Thanks Marj
  4. Marj

    Y axis padding

    Hi, one more try and then I will drop this ( I promise!) Is it possible to add the same feature of adding extra padding to the Y axis as you have on the x axis (dragging the timeline). That would be part of the chart settings so should stay constant when you changed symbols, like it does on the x axis. When I switch charts in other programs like IB the same problem with the scaling happens, so I know it is not an easy challenge, but I was just hoping you could figure out something for MT as it is a feature that would be really great to have thanks Marj
  5. Marj

    Y axis padding

    Hi, I am not tying to be difficult here, but I am just trying to understand. It sounds like you are saying that whatever the current chart is set to, will be the default when you switch to another chart. My old default was dynamic, I switched it to absolute on IWM, then changed symbols to QQQ which came up as dynamic, so I switched that to absolute. So I thought the default settings on both charts should now be set at absolute. When I changed back to the IWM it didn't retain the last default setting as absolute, it set back to dynamic. Are you saying that Dynamic is always the default, and even if I set all charts in my portfolio to absolute, they would always switch back to dynamic? Marj
  6. Marj

    Y axis padding

    Hi, I understand that each symbol would have a different value, but for example if I have a certain value set for the SPY, then look at FB, then go back to the SPY Shouldn't the SPY stay where I had it? Marj
  7. Marj

    Y axis padding

    Hi again, this feature is working well for me in terms of adding space to my charts, but now the problem is that I can't keep it locked on absolute. Every time I switch to another chart symbol it goes back to dynamic pad, which is what I had it set on before. Is there a way to make absolute the default? Marj
  8. Marj

    Y axis padding

    Thanks for that, I figured there must be a way.... I thought I had tried all of those other options but I must have missed something. Anyway that is exactly what I was looking for Marj
  9. Marj

    Y axis padding

    I would like to be able to add padding to the Y axis without having to scale the size of the bars. On a gap day for example, I would like to be able to just drag the chart as it exists up or down without changing the size of the bars. If I remember correctly there was a feature in Quote tracker that let me do this. It was the little up and down arrows on the Y scale. If it were possible to add a similar feature like you have already added to the x axis where you can simply drag the timeline to add extra space, but do this to the Y axis as well would be great. thanks Marj
  10. Thanks for the consideration. Marj
  11. Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to incorporate a quote zone feature directly on the chart that could be shown or hidden, as preferred. I would like it to display Bid, Ask, Last as numerical values in the white space of a chart, preferrably not on the Y axis. It would also be great if you could drag it to position it wherever you like on the chart. I saw the Bid/Ask feature that is currently available but would prefer this instead if it is possible Interactive Brokers has this feature on their charts and I use it frequently, but they don't allow you to drag it to wherever you want on the chart Thanks Marj
  12. Hi I just noticed that when I draw a fibbonacci fan in MT the values appear in the wrong order on the fan. Going in a clockwise manner it shows the highest retracement first then starts going down incrementally whereas the lowest value should appear first then get larger. If this seems confusing just look at the way quote tracker works it seems correct. Thanks Marj
  13. Hi, yes that would be great!
  14. Hi, I think the difference is that it would project past the zero mark to include the negative ratios. It is used for projecting proft targets. I set this up on QT today for the first time and it seems to work well. There are blank boxes where you can customize your fib nurmbers.That allowed me to enter the negative numbers ratios, I was only allowed 3 custom but that is probably enough. In MT in the right click fib retracements box I couldn't find a way to do this. I also tried using the file-settings-fibbonacci values menu but it wouldn't accept my changes so I'm not sure if I am using it properly Thanks Marj
  15. Hi would it be possible to add fibbonacci extensions to the drawing tools? thanks Marj
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