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  1. jFERN

    Log in failure

    Thank you for the reply. I followed your instructions to send log/settings to support. Don't know where to find Post URL, however. Login failure makes sense. I'm using TD Ameritrade. Looked through previous posts and had similar problem. I'll try changing the source and see if that improves performance. I've had to do a hard re-boot several times because computer froze up (including MT). Unable to close out anything. Problem may be with computer. I was able to access this time.
  2. jFERN

    Log in failure

    Have had log in failures several times yesterday and today. Have reset password and still can't access. My account comes up, but I can't log in to the portfolio. (out for a couple of hours & will try again)
  3. jFERN

    DBX Historical Chart

    Thanks! Worked like a charm. Odd that TDA does that. Never ran into that before.
  4. jFERN

    DBX Historical Chart

    TD Ameritrade
  5. Historical chart only showing random dates: 3/16, 4/2, 4/12,4/16. Doesn't change with period and frequency. All charts will sync but this one.
  6. jFERN

    Freezing/failed log in

    Tried resetting to earlier date, and that worked.
  7. jFERN

    Freezing/failed log in

    Restore settings isn't working
  8. jFERN

    Freezing/failed log in

    Same problem I had previously. Just sent log info as you suggested last time. The password issue is infuriating. Keeps prompting me to create new one, which takes me to your home page, but won't bring up the dashboard/portfolio. Finally got that after three tries, but data feed not working and restore not working. TD Ameritrade is source (their website fine). Kaspersky is security software. This issue is new. Haven't changed computers or security. Now it's back to prompting me to create new password again.
  9. Trader has been freezing up computer. After restart this morning, login failure. Tried resetting password; still can't log in. Please help ASAP
  10. jFERN

    Default syncing of charts

    Worked! Tnx.
  11. jFERN

    Default syncing of charts

    I can sync charts when they are open, but can't get it to work by trying to make chart with chosen indicators the default. Other charts (unopened) in portfolio and new ones I add don't use the default. How can I do that?
  12. jFERN


    Unable to tab over when inputting a stock into portfolio. Annoying. Adding that feature would be nice.
  13. jFERN

    Freezing/lost information

    Most recent backup was for 7/7/17. Can I manually do a backup if I keep it running?
  14. My account froze up this morning. Had to do a hard reboot. Came up but lost portfolio with all information. How can I recover it without starting from scratch?