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  1. 03-26-2016 Poppers For Monday https://t.co/FKc8JRHATu

  2. $HTBX 1st target the 8 day ma at 87c then $1+ 20 day ema, chart with notes https://t.co/lMEboZTsi8

  3. 01-09-2016 Market Outlook For Next Week https://t.co/eH4m6ie0Hh
  4. $THM 33% gainer from alert on this cheap golder yesterday
  5. $APPL still unable to get over $100 in mkt "rally"- https://t.co/OZYzDsuFNC
  6. some tapes u hand sit - u dont call 50 stocks a day to get 1 mover, ignoring everything called to focus on the 1/50 that upticked
  7. how long till $USO a penny stock?
  8. its time for the "DOOM SONG" https://t.co/CRWkj3y0zT
  9. china circuit breakers gone so likely dump 2nite to find bottom = US drop on open tomorrow and another spike in gold
  10. no momo off #CES this yr really except in NFLX
  11. @zerosum24 panthers all the way this yr methinks
  12. 01-05-2016 Popper & Droppers For Tomorrow https://t.co/etdCbfJWE3
  13. new yr mkt washout over finally?
  14. $WAVX chart with notes - $INVT doubled off similar 2 weeks ago https://t.co/rPrRUcxATg
  15. 01-04-2016 Poppers & Droppers For Tomorrow https://t.co/EVMVaqcvJ5
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