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  1. Thanks, that worked. I had unchecked it but I hadn't restarted. After a restart, it went away.
  2. Jerry, I've got this issue. I had to reinstall MT and I have been getting the "interactive brokers defaulted..." message every hour or so since reinstallation. I don't use IB, I use TOS. ?? Thanks..
  3. I have multiple monitors. What I do is exit MT before disconnecting and then restart MT when I hook the monitors back up. As long as I don't mess with the orientation or anything, it loads them back to where I want them. If that isn't working for you, I would bet the culprit is in the different scaling.
  4. Nevermind please Jerry. I'm a moron and forgot it was a holiday. Have a great day.
  5. Good morning Jerry, TD stream isn't updating with new quotes this AM. It's showing no quotes after 2000 friday. Tried updating and that didn't fix. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Jerry, that fixed it. I did one update and still had the problem. Tried updating again and it worked.
  7. Good morning, MT won't let me logon this morning 10/27. I get the "failed login-bad username or password" error every time it starts up. Data won't update. Thanks.
  8. Jerry, XIV is streaming in real time now, just checked it this morning. Did you contact TD and get this fixed or did it just happen to fix itself? Either way, thanks for your help. If it keeps streaming right, you've got a long time subscriber. I miss QT alot.
  9. Thanks much Jerry. It's been that way every since I've been using MT, it's never streamed correctly. I've been using TOS to get around it. Indeed, I can tell by using my TOS feed that there's something amiss. I've been testing a few other tickers and it appears that only the Credit Suisse Velocity Shares ETNS have this issue. TVIX does the same thing as does DGAZ. Perhaps that will help.
  10. Hello, Former long time QT user, in process of trying out MT. Using a TD stream. I use TOS as my primary platform. XIV isn't accurately streaming "last" on the stream, just bid/ask. It appears that a aggregate sum of last is getting streamed through every 30 seconds or so. I tried unchecking the "Stream Tick Quotes" box on the account config screen and logging on/off a few times. Searched through forum to see if anyone else has this issue to no success. I haven't encountered this issue with any other ticker. Not a paid user (yet), in case that's relevant. Thanks i
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