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  1. wolff3

    portfolio intraday chart

    Thank you
  2. since I updated to ver 1.1.7999.2127x64 the intraday chart for porfolio change only goes positive, it flatlines at 0 when it goes negative
  3. wolff3

    total for previous close column

    Thanks Jerry that fixed the problem
  4. wolff3

    total for previous close column

    yes I have entered -5 for the position, it appears to calculate as -5 instead of -500 shares
  5. Jerry the total for the previous close column does not seem to calculate the correct value for a short option position which seems to affect the total in the Chg$ column. thanks JW
  6. Jerry, the total value in the portfolio window doesn't seem to include my option short positions (covered calls) thanks JW
  7. wolff3

    News window date and time

    If I close the news window and then reopen it opens full screen , if I restore down it goes to my size and position except for the divider between the headlines and preview pane. also charts do the same. I would prefer that they open in the restore down position thanks
  8. After updating to latest version the news date column is showing the time and there is no time column. Also is it possible to have the news window open to the last size and position used instead of full screen
  9. my bad button was on start updateing now on cash in Qt you could put a base price of 1 , it is greyed out in MT, with no cost basis the gain$ and Gain % totals are wrong
  10. since update to ver 1.0.1986.1931 every thing is very sluggish . also on 2-25 all quotes and chart stopped updating at 15:01,2-26 it stopped updating all symbols with no quanity or open chart at 10:04 and allothers at 14:40. today only symbols with quanity or charts open are updating , all others are still stuck at 10:04 . I have disabled MSE and rebooted computer and reloaded MT. I am using ameritrade for source An unrelated issue, when adding cash to a portfolio it skews some of the totals as it has a zero cost basis thanks
  11. on the intra day portfolio chart the "gain $" selection does not work, the value $ is still displayed. the change % option works ok
  12. wolff3

    Request for Beta

    I would like to request the beta version. I currently use QT with ameritrade