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  1. Thank you for the quick reply Mr. Medved. Oh yes I'm quite impressed with the MT beta performance and stability on a virtualized-windows node thus far, with my very economy setup for about 300 symbols. Luckily I can scale if needed. That tip on portfolios will work perfectly, I also wasn't sure if the data source could be adjusted per portfolio but it can so that is excellent. I'm looking forward to the alert-to-email updates as that should really complete all my scanning requirements.
  2. I have been running the MT beta version on a windows 7 KVM virtualization node and it has been up running a scan for the last 6 days non stop. You made me wonder how I could run different scans concurrently with additional virtualizations or MT installs, but this seems like it would be too resource inefficient for a windows platform. I'm running two cores with 2GB of ram and it is stable enough so far for just scanning. The cpu usage seems to be very low load <20%, but the ram usage is high load. Multiple portfolio/scan support would be a nice feature, unless I'm not aware of another way accomplish this?
  3. Okay that sounds great, your platform is the only solution I've found to get customize-able indicator alerts for crypto exchanges, so alert-to-email would be really useful.
  4. Hi, I was looking over the alerts section and was surprised to see no notifications with the alert-to-email option. I do wonder if this would be possible through the Medved API somehow? For example as soon as the scanner brings up a result then it pings a notification to the api and then I could use a secondary source to send the email notification? I am not seeing how this would be possible currently.
  5. Okay no problem that would be very handy. Looking forward to it in the future. Thank you for the quick reply Jerry.
  6. I am evaluating Medved on the free trial now and I'm wondering if it is possible to initiate a trade with a bracket order. For example LMT buy to open, lower STP and higher LMT sell to close, all in one execution? I appreciate any assistance with this.
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