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  1. Hi Mike, I just wanted to ask on how you decided on this and it'S current state. Thanks!
  2. Hi Mike, Thank you for the fast response. You register your integration as an app, which will offer OAuth2 authentification and gives access to the broker feeds and client data. Spotware provides the services and infrastructure for brokers as a white label solution. Brokers include OctaFX, FXPig, Pepperstone, FxPro and many more (>50). Spotware provides the API, which is the same for all brokers. With one integration, you will reach every Spotware broker. It's Spot FX and CFD only. Here is how to get started: https://connect.spotware.com/docs/api-reference/getting-started No, they are providing services for the financial industry. "Spotware Systems is an award-winning neutral financial technology provider focusing on e-FX STP and direct-access trading, offering comprehensive solutions for brokers, banks, and their clients." Yes. Offering services and infrastructure for brokers, banks and their clients. GAIN Capital is one of their liquidity providers and Spotware is offering CFDs to the brokers through GAIN Capital. Yes. It's not GAIN OneLink if you are referring to that. Spotware has its own API. No, that's not correct. They offer a streaming market data API. The account data is a non-streaming REST API, but their trading API is a full duplex streaming API. They also offer to trade through their free FIX 4.4 API. This is the Account API (REST): Accounts API is based on RESTful API operating via HTTP request/responses. You just generate a simple GET request and get a response in text JSON format. https://connect.spotware.com/docs/api-reference/accounts-api This is the Trading API, which also includes the market data API (every broker has its own data feed, which is accessed through the Trading API): Trading API is a real-time API supporting full-duplex communication channels over TCP and Web socket connection. https://connect.spotware.com/docs/api-reference/trading-api They have also planned to offer a streaming Account API in the future. Free FIX API: https://help.spotware.com/FIX
  3. Hi everyone, Is it possible to add the Spotware brokers? Spotware offers a public and free API: The Account data is accessed through a REST API, and the trading data is accessed through a full-duplex streaming SSL/TLS socket API, using protocol buffers. Information about the API and integration can be found here: https://connect.spotware.com/ They also have a GitHub repo including a C# developer library and an integration example: https://github.com/spotware/ https://github.com/spotware/connect-csharp-samples Additionally, they offer a free FIX 4.4 API: https://help.spotware.com/FIX Thank you for considering an integration!
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