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  1. It is because I haven't been working for the last 10 years so basically all my money is already invested since the selling will cost me 20% which is over $1.6 Million in taxes alone plus I am going to be remodeling so I need to come up with $1 Million just for that without selling the existing assets and only using the remaining cash which pays for the mortgage and everything else to generate that $1 Million needed so available money is tight and everything does add up. I also prefer to pay Month to Month so it's closer to $20/month. I still have to learn how to use the rest of the software
  2. I actually tried that before and tried it again, what happens when I click (and hold down the left mouse button), it would have move and then when I drag up and down, it only moves the symbol up and down the portfolio with the red bar moving to where I want to move it to and not select the other rows.
  3. Thanks Jerry as it was on the find setting, I actually never touched the settings as the only thing I did was import the Quotetracker portfolio. Anyways, how do I un-select a symbol in the portfolio after it's highlighted?
  4. TD Ameritrade for example has a 1500 quote limit per source/portfolio, I have 6 accounts with TD Ameritrade so the other portfolio being #2 would actually use TD Ameritrade but on the second account for example since I am sue the 1500 symbol limit is per account at TD Ameritrade.
  5. I guess COVID-19 and the commissions free trading isn't helping with their bottom line as them paying for the MT Subscription probably became cost prohibitive for them unless they have massive amounts of clients leaving because they no longer covered the cost. I would gladly subscribe except I rarely trade these days since I have other free tools from the brokers as I already have a multi-million dollar portfolio unlike in the 1990s and 2000s when I started trading with little money when Quotetracker was a valuable tool when it was free and even with Ally Invest formerly Tradeking, $500 to ge
  6. Yes, that is how it works in general but what I meant was let's say I had more than one account at each data source and say I have 2 portfolios but I want each portfolio to use a different account from the same data source which is not currently possible.
  7. I was wondering is there a way to export and/or copy symbols in a MT portfolio or all portfolios to the clipboard or to a text file basically in the same format as when symbols are entered so that i's separated by commas? Also, when copying from one portfolio to another, is there a way to select more than one symbol as I have tried using the shift and control keys which did not do anything. Thanks!
  8. I have a question, when I put my mouse cursor over the Add Symbols under the main tab for a Portfolio on MT, it says in the NOTE that I can just start typing the symbols right on the portfolio. How is this done and what am I doing incorrectly as for example, I tried to just type in QCOM, when I typed the Q, it goes to the first symbol in my portfolio that starts with the letter Q and when I type in C, it goes to the first symbol that starts with C. I have symbols starting with all 26 characters of the alphabet so I don't know how it would react if I did not have something that starts with th
  9. Support for Multiple Accounts at Data Sources for those who have multiple accounts with the Data Sources
  10. It is a East Asian language input/decoder. What's strange is it only messes with MT when it exits and not while it's running since it's acting if MT is depending on something it is using and all of a sudden someone pulls the plug on that dependency.
  11. I am running Medved Trader v1.1.9180.1 x64 and what I noticed is that everytime I close down NJStar Communicator v3.50.20618 (Update 4)from https://www.njstar.com/cms/njstar-communicator-download - Medved Trader would crash as seen in the video capture below: https://youtu.be/5Hw2fA0_2-o The problem is I cannot quit Medved Trader at this point and the only thing I can do is use ProcessHacker to kill the MT.exe process as all the menus are no longer available as seen in the above video capture.
  12. I was always hoping for a short cut keys that allows: 1) Minimize all program windows so I can see other things outside of QT 2) Check for Update(s)
  13. I was wondering is there a way to figure out what the last symbols were added to QT with a timestamp since sometimes I want to tell someone what I added and would prefer I can see when it was added as I sometimes add a lot of things at the same time. Thanks!
  14. Interesting except it won't work in the following scenario: I have 3 portfolios: 1) 1500 symbols for TD Ameritrade, I actually have 1588 symbols I am trying to get quotes for so the 88 symbols is going to Portfolio #2 2) 88 symbols using Ally Invest formerly TradeKing because Portfolio #1's quote source TD Ameritrade has a limit of 1500 symbols and I am 88 symbols over 3) Tracking Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin using Binance as the quote source Is there anyway to have something that can show all 3 so I can short either of the columns in ascending or descending order for $ gain
  15. Good to know, but sometimes when editing, it seems it might help if there was a way to just highlight the extra entries since for some, I really did have over a dozen duplicates for one symbol. I guess on a 4K screen, there are way more lines per screen that I forgot about.
  16. My idea is a Master Portfolio where one can combined different portfolios all on one screen so that one can sort the quote columns so all the different symbols from the different portfolios can be displayed.
  17. There should be a easier way to delete duplicate symbols in a portfolio as for example so only one of each symbol exists, today I noticed it said I exceeded the 1500 symbols for TD Ameritrade streaming quotes but I only have 300 entries, the problem is a lot of symbols because I just copy and paste them could be duplicates of what was already there.
  18. If deleting symbol(s), there should be a undo function to undo the previous delete.
  19. Another question, for the Tick column, does TD Ameritrade as a source ever show the up and down ticks as all I have seen is the left and right arrows.
  20. Thanks Jerry, is the "Set As Default" the same as left clicking the "Medved Trader" icon on the upper left of the level 2 window? As I only see a "Set As Default" when I right click on the Level 2 window anywhere above the line in a black area below the Main, View, Trading tabs on the Level 2 window. Thanks for the answer on the columns sequence as I never saw any number higher than 1.
  21. It appears that it's actually Nasdaq who is marketing the Totalview and giving the inaccurate information about the financial institutions that has the real TotalView but instead some are just regular level 2: http://www.nasdaqtrader.com/Trader.aspx?id=Totalview2
  22. Just wanted to ask here since others can probably use it for future reference: 1) With the Level 2 window, is there anyway to set the view of columns so if I added Tick, Time which are not enabled by default, that it will be used in all future Level 2 windows as I noticed it will save the setting for that ticker symbol but anything else and it will default back to it with Tick, Time not enabled. 2) In View of Columns, there is a # option which says column sequence, what exactly is a column sequence? Thanks!
  23. Thanks, that would explain it.
  24. I have a question, where would I find the symbols for the following indices using TD Ameritrade for the quote source? Shanghai SE Composite Index (China) Heng Seng (Hong Kong) Nikkei 225 (Japan) I have tried logging into tdameritrade.com but they don't show the symbols for the indices anywhere. Thanks!
  25. That's awesome since didn't want to do a portfolio specifically for TD Ameritrade to watch. The 1500 symbols is for streaming quotes correct? Thanks as always.
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