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  1. stephane

    RSS Feeds

    Hi, I have seen this topic talk about few years ago, is there a way to integrate RSS news feeds without iqfeed ? Stephane BTW IB can integrate RSS Feeds too but I m not sure IB news could be integrated in MT like IQFeed.
  2. @Jerry Medved thanks for the update, way better
  3. * I should say, it is easier, faster and more accurate for me to use DOM for placing orders.
  4. The relevant part for me it is easier to place my orders on DOM, so even I dont have the level II I do need to see where bid and ask are.
  5. No I havent checked this as I though I should at least get level 1 ask and bid. And yes, I havent level 2 here, level 1 is not enough to show bid and ask ?
  6. Hi, I dont know if it s come from latest beta version, but I dont have bid and ask anymore on DOM, either by using IQFeed or IB as source. This happen since this morning, whatever the instrument.
  7. around Sunday evening.
  8. IB historical data are not accessible on week end, and access to portfolio is even not working on saturday early morning
  9. stephane

    API doc

    Ok I didnt see this one. It doesnt work good with TI often missing chars then opening the wrong symbol, but for what I want to do this is perfect. Thanks !
  10. stephane

    API doc

    Thanks Jerry that is good for me. I d also like to know if there is a way to send a symbol to a MT window (other than portfolio, a chart or DOM) When I tried with Trade Ideas, I see it quickly opens an input box and add the symbol to it. It doesnt work very well, but i m curious to know how I could send a symbol to a chart from an extern application ?
  11. stephane

    API doc

    Hi, Is there any documentation for MT API ? I dont know what can be done with it, looking to a way to interact with MT from an external program. Regards, Stephane
  12. thanks for the answer. for the DOM bold version is nice too, here is a light version of it, quite classic, if possible, else i will use bold theme: Details: clear background: #f0f0f0 current price: font #000000, bg : #ffff00 ask: lower: #0000c6, upper: #b5e3f8, volume: #0032ff, bid: lower: #ffd8d8, upper: #ac0000, volume: #ea0000, prices: font: #ffffff , bg: #2f2f2f grid: #a9a9a9 volumes: font: #30008b, bg: #d3d3d3, bar: #1e90e5 family font: tahoma For the order panel I just would see QTY and order type together rather than separated by other panels. This way user will have information on top, then action panels with QTY / order type, flatten / recenter / reverse. If thinking in term of flow, I d say defining the order type would come before QTY 'ORDER QTY @ PRICE'
  13. Hi, So I m using a lot the DOM and it works good. Here is a list of customisation that would be nice to see : being able to customise DOM color sets being able to define default order types for click above/below the price (I use keyboard short cut now) I d see the order type panel above or below the quantity panel being able to change font family So nothing I could not trade without, but if you were working around those features, these would be nice improvements. Regards, Stephane
  14. Thanks it works 'better' withRaw Data, but not everytime, sometimes it get only the first letter of the instrument. So +1 for this feature request. I m not completely sure how it works, but looks like it is sending the instrument name over the magic of windows. It works with browser and some online app.
  15. ProvinIt would be very time consuming for support to do it RT, but could try for sharing purpose if there are enough people interested.
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