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  1. Actually just occurred to me that I can set the paintbars on the charts separately and not use any visual indicator for the scanner itself. Sorry, getting the concept of scanning mixed up with what's visible on the chart. Wouldn't doing setting up a scanner like that while having the same paintbars set up on many charts add quite a performance penalty?
  2. Although it makes some sense, I was kind of afraid of that. I'm trying to combine multiple paint bars into a single scanner so that multiple PBs can be used simultaneously to scan a watchlist and I don't seem to have access to all of the parameters for each. Is there any workaround for setting the options uniquely for each paintbar?
  3. I understand that we can do something like this: Okay can't post code here but I understand how to SetColorAndShape But how do we set PBPlacement at Band on Bottom in conjunction with this? I've played around with it but can't seem to ferret out the correct syntax/usage. Thank you
  4. I think that would work just fine. The part about polling it every X seconds and collecting the data for display like an indicator is a little daunting to me though. I thought it would be interesting to see how spread changes over time like during higher points of volatility, near points of support/resistance etc. You could construct an EMA out of it.
  5. Is it possible to retrieve the bid and ask in a paintbar? Such as retrieving them every X seconds and performing calculations with the values?
  6. I would like for the alert line option to always be set whenever I open my layout. What I've found is that even if I set it to use alert line and then save the layout it reverts back to the simple line drawing tool in the QAT the next time I open the layout. Is this normal behavior? If so, is there another option somewhere to make the alert line the default? If so, I haven't been able to find it. Thanks!
  7. Have you been able to confirm there is an issue with this?
  8. Great, thanks! Am I correct then to conclude from this that the function is already requiring the candle body to be at least 3 times the size of the average candle range across the period? I wouldn't have thought it to be so demanding just from seeing it at work in charts.
  9. Here is the code: public void MainCalculation() { if (Close.CrossesUp(PP_R1, 0)) { SetColorAndShape("Crossover", PBShape.Fill, SysColor.Positive); } if (Close.CrossesDown(PP_S1, 0)) { SetColorAndShape("Crossover", PBShape.Fill, SysColor.MainIndicator3); } }
  10. I am trying to create a paintbar that will highlight a candle that crosses over a pivot point level. This is the code I have: My intent is for only the candle that is overlapping the PP level to be identified. What seems to be happening is that once a candle has closed over (or above) the R1 level many (but not all) candles that close above it will also be highlighted. And vice versa after the close of the first candle below the S1. This is happening without much rhyme or reason regardless of whether or not the PP level was ever within the candle's range. I've tried experimenting with CurrentCandle without finding any traction on this.
  11. Not sure if this would be a feature request or if this achievable currently without my awareness but I would like to ask if it's possible to add a criteria to one of the candle stick patterns available in the paintbars. I wish to use the "StrongLine" pattern. Currently I can set the RangeAveragePeriod for the detection and as I understand it the pattern is matched when the candle's range becomes larger than this RangeAveragePeriod. What I would like is to be able to set a threshold for the match such that a match is not returned unless the candle range exceeds a percentage or multiple of that RangeAveragePeriod. For example, only if the candle is 2 times the length of the RangeAveragePeriod or 150% of the RangeAveragePeriod would an alert be issued. This would provide us with a huge degree of flexibility in avoiding false positives.
  12. Would really like to see this functionality added natively as a part of the program at some point in the future. But I think I can achieve this with automation software I'm using for other purposes anyway.
  13. Don't have the time to work with it at the moment but that isn't going to work for me unless I can use that with all of the indicators up, alter the time scale individually for each chart with up to a days worth of chart history and use alerts/display paintbars etc.
  14. I have many, many charts and it would be immensely helpful if I could, for example, allocate these charts to a group, open a watchlist, and then tell MT to open each symbol in the watchlist in a chart in the group. That would open up many possibilities. I could collect a watchlist of stocks I want to watch throughout the day, a watchlist for certain strategies according to criteria I have, separate lists for gappers and non-gap movers... and load them all into the chart group with the click of a button and toggle between them.
  15. Jason


    I would be interested very much in this as well.
  16. Hi, was wondering if there is any way I can un-assign the CTRL+SHIFT hotkey for charts? I have dozens of charts open in my setup and I am using scripting software to to get MT to play well with my brokerage and data feed software and I need the hotkeys CTRL+SHIFT as a part of a lot of the hotkeys I use. Every time I am using CTRL+SHIFT for my purposes I see a flicker/disturbance across my MT charts and aside from being pointless and very annoying I believe it is affecting performance. I found that CTRL-SHIFT is locked for some reason to initiate a "Force a Stop/Limit Order" for some reason in the Charts category.
  17. Jason


    Excellent, thanks!
  18. Jason


    How heavily multithreaded is MT? Would it help performance having a CPU with many cores?
  19. I figured it out. Copy and paste works most of the time and I use that since I have long complicated passwords but once I entered the password manually I was able to get API access. Sorry for the hassle.
  20. I just used copy and paste so there shouldn't be any issues with the case.
  21. Well, my notification settings keep producing an audible sound as if you are replying to my posts but now even when I reload the page I can't see any responses.
  22. The password I have for the main site, which works for that, isn't accepted by the software for the API access. Forgot to add that.
  23. Well, I don't have a password for starting MT. I think I set it up to remember it or something. But I only have two passwords in my records. One for logging into the site to update my profile or change my payment plan and a separate one for the forums. I can't find any way to retrieve it from the software (even though it must have it since I start the software frequently).
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