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  1. This is an example that i use in ThinkOrSwim , and it works ! The only problem there is that you constantly need to hit Scan Also in Medved we need to find a way to sort the results from the Scan upwards from the entire watchlist (it would be helpful if there are 1500 tickers in the watchlist not to scroll down to check all of the tickers and the result of the scanner but to sort the one the fit the scanner criteria upwords)
  2. Hi Mike Yes, i can discribe it. In Thinkorswim i have created a scanner that works flawless for searching the 1min brakeouts One of the conditions is the code mentioned above which in words sounds like this: - Scan all the stocks that have the price of current 1 min candle greater then the Low of the last 1 min candle with a procentage of X Ex with x=2% : Last 1min candle's Low is 3 then if the current 1min candle price(last) is >3.06 it will display the stock Ex with x=20% : Last 1min candle's Low is 3 the if the current 1min candle price(last) is >3.6 it will be displayed as a brakeout
  3. Of somebody has an idea of how to do this .. It just need a new parameter to be defined in the program language that will equal with the low of previous 1min candle + a defined percentage by user
  4. Hi all. I want to create a continuous scanner for the breakout of the previous 1min candle low In TD Ameritrade ThinkorSwim i have created this: #Wizard text: Current bar's #Wizard input: price1 #Wizard text: gaps #Wizard input: percentage #Wizard text: % or more above the previous #Wizard input: price2 input price1 = close; input percentage = 2.0; input price2 = low; def x = 1 + percentage / 100; def term = x * price2[1]; plot scan = price1 > term; In Medved Trader i have tried: public void MainCalculation() { if (Close > Low[1]*1.02) { SetColorAndShape("Brakeout", PBShape.ArrowNE, 0xFF00C50C); TriggerAlert("Brakeout"); SetScanResult("Brakeout"); return; } It does not seem to work because i need to create a variable X , where X = Low[1] * 1.02 // >2% procent of the previous 1min candle low // The problem is that it does not let me define this variable Therefore after it will be simple as i can do if(Close > X) {....}
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