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  1. When trading on Binance, my charts don't show my positions even though I checked the option. It is the same case for Trade Tickets, for which clicking the show positions options creates a space for them to appear, but the space is empty. The positions appear completely fine on my Account View. Is this a Binance limitation?
  2. To clarify - the trade never defaults to the Account Position or Portfolio Position with any combination of those options checked, only the specified value in the Trading section of the chart. This was not the case yesterday.
  3. I understand. What I'm saying is that the defaulting function does not work for USDT pairs. Edit: Defaulting currently not working for any pairs on Binance. Was working fine yesterday on the official beta build - the emailed build shows this problem. Edit 2: Tried for the main website build - still having problems with default order for trades for all pairs on Binance
  4. Hi, when trading USDT pairs with Binance, setting the capsule above the maximum quantity doesn't result in the capsule limit defaulting to the Account position size, even though the option is checked in the trading settings and the function works for altcoin/BTC pairs.
  5. I understand, thank you. An attempt to increase this limit to 10 days for Binance as well would be appreciated. At the moment it is only 3 days.
  6. When attempting to change the period on the intraday chart for #BTC.USDT on Binance, it resets to a max of 94 hours, not zooming out any more. In the settings, I have intraday charts set to load the last 120 days.
  7. When using the "Windows" section of the Dashboard in the most recent version, using "Bring to Front" has no effect on my Watchlist, although it works for other window types. No matter what I try, every other window overlaps the watchlist.
  8. Hi, is a custom color palette for the new Depth Chart something that can be considered for the future? Thank you.
  9. Hi, would it be possible to implement an undo feature for drawings placed on charts via a ctrl-z shortcut (or a custom specified hotkey)? Thank you.
  10. Hi, can we have the option to select cell ranges on grids for quick copying to Excel? For example, on the Transactions tab in Account View, I want to select the first 4 transactions' Limit Price and Quantity columns, but can only copy whole rows. Being able to select the cells manually would be much more convenient. Thank you.
  11. I see, thank you for clearing that up and for a great piece of software your team has developed. Your tools are making it much easier to trade in some crypto currency markets.
  12. It displays it as simply alternating in color rather than having the colors being representative of that? (The one highlighted one is so because I clicked on it)
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