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  1. Gorbay

    unreal volume

    thanks Jerry
  2. Gorbay

    unreal volume

    clearing backfill fixes it, just tried it.. what is the difference between #BTCUSDT and #BTC.USDT ?
  3. Gorbay

    unreal volume

    ohh i didnt know that fixed the problem thanks
  4. Gorbay

    unreal volume

    hi after the last beta update the volume in the charts are unrealistic, at least on binance
  5. Hi is there a possibility to add resize feature to the level 2 columns ? sometimes i need the volume columns bigger then the bid/ask column like you see in the picture, there is a lot of space to take off in the ask/bid column to give more room to see the more numbers in the volume instead of making the whole window bigger thanks
  6. thats good to hear i understood you wrong thanks for helping
  7. actually the colors in the t&s for binance is the only thing i really miss in medved trader right now
  8. well i trade for years.. i traded the stock market with several platforms, and the colors are always set by the bid or ask at the time of the trade not after the trade. i never care about the bid and ask after the trade, i can see it in the level 2 window. all i want to see are trades, and different colors for buys and sells.. i saw that you have a filter to show bid/ask changes or only trades, i only use trades, i dont need to see bid/ask chages in the t&s, actually if i dont filter out the bid/ask changes the feed is useless to me. for me level 2 is for bid/ask prices and t&s is for trades. i dont need the t&s window saturated with data. i worked as a pro trader for a long time, i saw platforms, i know how t&s works, the colors should always be green for a buy and red for a sell (by the price of the trade not after it) different color for out of market and different color for between the market (dark book / hidden orders).. i understand that this feed works differently from the rest of the feeds, but isnt it possible to make binance raw feed work bit different than the rest ? it already is because their feed is different isnt it ? if its possible i would like to see buys as green and sells as red. btw.. it seems to me that poloniex is the same.. no different colors no bid no ask in the raw feed window..
  9. every trade that happens is the best bid or best ask, you cannot buy out of the market in binance if the bid for example is 77.01 you cant sell it below this price without taking this bid too, if the trade is bigger than the size you have in the best bid it will be part filled on this price and go to the best bid after that for another trade so every trade is being done with the best bid/ask if it says the buyer is the maker, that means that the price that the trade was done is the price of the best bid and if the buyer is the taker that means the trade was done with the best ask price. i dont know how it works in other feeds, but i cant see how it does not provide enough information giving the fact that there is no out of market trades.. its much easier to see if the trade was a buy or a sell. maybe i am missing something but from what i see is all that is needed. look i attach a screenshot comparing what binance shows in their website and the file that i made and its the same btcusdtrawcolortest.html.txt
  10. i found out that binace does specify in the feed if the trade was bought by the maker or the taker.. here you can see: https://github.com/binance-exchange/binance-official-api-docs/blob/master/web-socket-streams.md in the payload you get in the m variable (maker) the info if the its true it should show in red if its false it should show in green. im not a professional programmer but i do know a bit.. i tried to program it in javascript and it works. i upload the html file so you can see it works, just change the txt extention to .html and open it in the browser it will show the feed from neo/usdt with different colors for buyers or sellers. websockettest.html.txt
  11. hi yesterday i had an issue with the electricity while the program was on when i turned it on again all of the chart colors was resetted and i had to set it again but since then i have two horizontal lines on the chart every day on 00:00 and 02:00 i tried to find where is the setting for these lines but i couldnt find it how can i take it off ?
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