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  1. Yes, kind of. Its Perpetual contracts https://www.bitmex.com/app/faq#What-is-BitMEX
  2. HI ! Here, they say : "BitMEX offers a fully featured REST API and a powerful streaming WebSocket API. All market and user data is available and updates in real-time." Sounds juicy
  3. Hi! Any plans to add Bitmex accounts compatibility? Their API looks decent compared to Binance for example..
  4. Yes, I understand. I think alternate solutions like importing the Trade history for Binance to permanently keep it as saved data in MT would be quite a hassle to code, just for Binance. I'll do without it if no improvement possible.
  5. Is this normal behavior ? Could be nice to see all filled order staying on the charts.
  6. Actually, I understand why I got it wrong : When I want to pass an order on DGD.BTC pair in Chart trading I get the confirmation window jsut before pasing the order saying : "Estimated value of the order is $0.1", for example, but actually it is a BTC value that is stated. The message should then say : Estimated value of the order is BTC 0.1, or estimate the value in $ depending on where the order is placed. Is there a way to get this estimation in the confirmation window? Or just to correct the misleading $ sign ? Thanks for your reactivity.
  7. Yes I get it, sorry for wasting your time, Thank you for your answer !
  8. When trying to place an order on IOTA.BTC pair and DGD.ETH pair from the charts, I get an insuficient GTC error message... (i dont own GTC or even introduced GTC pair in my portfolio). In the order confirm popup window, I also have the corresponding amount translated into GTC instead of USD or one of 2 paired coin. What am I doing wrong ?
  9. Hi ! Some related / more #USDT problems with binance : 1. I cannot trade on charts with #xxx.USDT pairs on Binance. It does not work. When I place an order, the ORDER IS ACTUALLY SENT to binance but the capsule state stays to waiting confimation (Yellow left part).That is crazy dangerous.... 2. The order that is passed this way is in fact reflected on a chart that you can get in portfolio by creating a #xxx.USD pair (without the T for Tether). Then I can trade on USD pairs like if it was the actual USDT at Binance. This seems very odd to me, not normal at all. + this last trick does not work for the specific BCC.USD pair that is never updated either using USD or USDT as the trading pair. That makes the software quite disfunctional and dangerous to use. Since one can pass orders without getting confirmation in the software that they are passed. Thanks in advance for your prompt answer on this.
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