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  1. Thank for the quicky reply, although like earlier, this is not a definitive answer. W10 is quite popular now; in my opinion, programs should be updated to run with its many (relatively) advanced features. What were the issues that you had? Was it stable?
  2. Hello, I earlier thought about getting Medved trader, but your support representative suggested MT was unable to perform well in a multiple-virtual-desktop environment, but was unsure. I want the ability to run, for example, 3 windows with different time periods for one currency pair on 1 screen; I have 4 screens, so 12 windows (and 4 currencies) per virtual desktop; and I want to run 3-4 virtual desktops, so I can potentially trade 12-16 currencies at a time, by switching between the virtual desktops. I have an AMD Ryzen 1800X, 32GB of medium-speed RAM, and a ~10Mbps internet connection. At the moment, I am considering using google chrome for this task, but due to its CPU usage, perhaps I will be bottlenecked at 2 virtual desktops, rather than 3 or 4 as I desire. I would prefer not to get a threadripper style processor for this kind of work. Has anybody tried to do something like this using Medved Trader? If so, how well did it perform?