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  1. It works well now. Thank you for the clear instructions too.
  2. I'm running Version 1.1.8300.1. My data provider is Ally Invest. My alternate provider is TD Ameritrade. My chart custom period is 365 days on the chart window. In the Main Window, my chart period is 6 months. Some of my charts are showing data gaps from near 21 May to sometime in July. I was away for a while and unable to start or use MT. After starting it up again, I noticed the gaps. In the chart wnidow, I've used Backfill and set the backfill for the two data providers. I've even cleared historical data and pressed Backfill to no result. I've done this numerous times, and I still have gaps, but they are not in all equities. Some stocks filled in okay. So, it looks to be intermittent. I think the data is there; it is just not showing on the chart window. Any procedures to follow to fill in the gaps?
  3. Ok. I'll probably trim the list. Your software will allow me to screen the watchlist (main portfolio) while some of the brokerages I use won't do that to a watchlist. They try to screen the whole market. I wish they had the capability you built into Medved Trader.
  4. Thank you for replying. I only have one option chain window open. I'm still having difficulty with quick display of options chain data. I've followed these instructions: FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support Regards
  5. I pressed the wrong key somewhere so I'll ask my question in this reply section. I'd like to view options chain data quickly after selecting the equity, but all the data does not seem to initially display. I'm using Windows 7, and have selected all strikes, all expirations, listed by calendar, and calls and puts in the options chain display. Ally Invest is the data source. Here's my process: I right-click on the equity symbol in the portfolio window, select the option chain for the symbol, and the options chain windows displays. It looks like only a minimal amount of data is in the rows and columns. I click on START on the options chain display and Reload Chain. I wait. No change in the option chain data. I go to the portfolio window and click on STOP and click on START. Then, the expected data displays in the option chain window. I've noticed this during the day, on weeknights, and on the weekend. I must have a setting wrong somewhere, but I cannot find it. Or, I just don't know the correct process to use to view the data almost immediately. Will someone provide me the correct steps to view the options chain data quickly? Regards
  6. Request clarification of column names in MT as I've heard historical volatility, implied volatility, implied volatility percentile, and implied volatility rank mentioned multiple times on various options trading sites. 1. In MT, a choice of a column name from the column chooser in an options chain is Vol. Is this implied volatility or historical volatility? 2. In my portfolio list of symbols, I have a choice of a column name from the column chooser of Vol %. Is this percentile volatility for equities ? (It looks like volatility percentile .) 3. Is an implied volatility rank (IVR from tastytrade) available in MT?
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