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  1. I thought an older version of QT had DDE export capability, but maybe I was wrong. Yes, DDE is over 20 years old and newer protocols are more robust and better supported. I was hoping to use QT as a data feed with Tradestation via a RT Soft utility, but it's kludgey. Can't wait for the custom indicators to be available in QT!
  2. Also regarding exchanges to support - here is a list of the top exchanges by volume. There are simply too many exchanges, so you want to choose carefully which ones you want to support first. Note that some Chinese exchanges pay third parties to pump up their volume statistics. OKEx is rated #1, but my personal experience is that my LiteCoin order sits at the NBBO for 30 minutes with no action. This would never happen on Bittrex - they have real volume, and is based in Seattle.
  3. I'm thrilled to see you guys moving into the untapped crypto space! Not only is your software feature-packed, it's bug-free. Also Jerry personally answered my support emails, so consider me a fan-boy. ? I'd like to suggest that you put Crypto more prominently on your home page (or every footer). Perhaps include it in list of instruments that you already support. This would likely help get you higher on Google SEO algorithm.
  4. I have been a big fan of QuoteTracker even before the Ameritrade acquisition. There is limited support for crypto in the marketplace, and I'm very happy to discover through BitcoinTalk that you guys are taking this step forward. Regarding email alerts, if users have a Gmail account (and for those who don't, they should get one), they can send email through their Gmail accounts with Google's SMTP servers for free. There is a lot of resources online to show people how this can be done. Like this one to enter Gmail SMTP info into any email app. Simply adding these email configuration settings to Medvedtrader should be quick and easy.
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