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  1. Any updated plans on adding Kraken with the there more advanced api. Looks like they have streaming market data https://support.kraken.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000672023-What-is-an-API-What-does-an-API-do-
  2. after playing with the dom, when set on AUTO, and you hover over a lower price than the current price, it defaults to a STP order and not a stop limit.
  3. 1. yes restarted MT multiple times 2. you are correct, I has wrong broker account selected. But when changed to coinbase, still no stop limit, just STP shows on chart and dom
  4. nm about the t-stop and bracket oca I had my chart on the wrong account again but stop limit still is not there.
  5. i tried to update multiple times, it always says "you have the latest version of all files". I opened and closed multiple times and in the DOM I dont see stop limit, i still see STP. On the dom i even right click STP to get a listing of what order types to show and stop limit is not listed. I do see on the chart for chart trading order types stop and stoplimit. I also see T-stop and bracket OCA, I am assuming those are not meant to be used with coinbase?
  6. I am on the latest beta and with coinbase it looks like the stop limit order has been removed. Im using the DOM. I only see STP (stop market). the stop market orders are now invalid and wont work. Can you add back the stop limit order and remove the stop market.
  7. installed beta and I tried the cancel all buys and it worked. Ill try the others in the next few days, dont want to toast my orders. Thanks
  8. ah, you are correct. I would assume that the account drop down on that chart would not let me select an account that does not support that specific ticker. MBT account does not do crypto. In short, never noticed that account dropdown was a thing per ticker chart. Thanks for the help.
  9. I have a coinebase pro/ gdax and an ally invest for MBT. only 1 coinbase account, no duplicate.
  10. its a submitted order - live. like a limit sell order for X mount of BTC at X price.
  11. I have trades in the DOM on coinbase and on the chart I have enable chart trading enabled. Under trading settings , no matter what options i have checked, I dont see any resting orders appear on the chart.
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