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  1. Hi, I cant seem to add an australian stock code that will work.What is the format for an ordinary stock? and also for company options e.g. BHP dmioa company options both on the ASX australia. Where can i find the topic in the help pages? I cant seem to find the help page at all thanks
  2. Hi, The last time i used medved trader a long time ago, and accessed ASX (australia) data, i had *unlimited levels of data,that is all the bids and offers that are allowable on the ASX,via Interactive brokers.Is this still the case??? thanks
  3. Hi, I am looking at FX charts and depth,and am wondering if it can display 5 decimal places? I cant seem to find the setting to do this. Thx in advance ========================== Answer found : in the Application "General" tab, "Prices"
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