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  1. Hi Jerry I would like to give another +1 for this previously requested feature and give my description of it so you have a better idea of this extremely beneficial and desired feature. Ability to create an order template... Ex. 1 - Buy Limit order on ask with offset of + .05 cents to limit slippage. 500 shares. Ability to load this into the ticket. Ex. 2 - Buy Market order using default shares. Immediately send this order. Ex. 3 - Close 25% of position. Note that there is the ability for shares to be fixed or use the default set for the account. Also, the ability to load the ticket or immediately load and send the order. Also the ability to set a percentage to close the position. The reason for having the ability to load the data into the trade ticket vs immediately send is this... there may be times when you want to load the buy, limit, offset, but leave the shares blank so you can just fill then in the end. Obviously the ability to immediately send the order is for speed. Then with this we can assign these order templates to either buttons in a panel (like IB) or to unassigned hotkeys. If this were to happen you'll attract a good number of people to the platform. For me it would then replace DAS trader for me which I use for the extremely quick entries and exits I can acquire through it. Thanks Jerry!
  2. Thanks Jerry. That worked. Very much appreciated.
  3. Hello Medved Great app so far! So I am connected via IB using the gateway app. It shows the API client is connected. Using same port and settings you have prescribed. When I try to send an order it does nothing. I also keep getting "Faulted" as the state. When I try to relogin I get the same faulted state. Note this I am connecting to my IB demo account. I am not sure if this is the issue or not. Please help. Thanks!
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