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  1. Will you add the option to place the initial buy order together with the automatic sell orders in the near future?
  2. Thank you Jerry for the answer. Does Ally charge inactivity fee if I don't trade for a long time after opening an account?
  3. "Ally Invest (previously TradeKing) clients get Medved Trader FREE." My question is if this also works with a Roth IRA account at Ally?
  4. Thank you, Jerry for the detailed education!
  5. Hi, I tried to place an OCA order for my IB account as shown in the attached pic, but got very confusing info. Could you educate me how OCA orders work? Thanks.
  6. Could you consider showing positions only in the future?
  7. Is there a way that we can show positions on chart only, not showing orders? Sometimes, I just need to know my positions.
  8. What is the best data source for index, such $INDU, $COMP, and $SPX on index penal? Besides OHLC prices, I want volume as well.
  9. Any way we can show historical charts for stock options in MT?I know IB TWS and TDA TOS have this feature.
  10. Do you know how long does Robinhood hold old executions?
  11. Hello Jerry, Thank you for the clarification. Would you consider adding this feature to MT in the future? This is extremely valuable for traders to review their old trades. Best, Tom
  12. IB TWS only shows filled transactions less than 7 days old, and so MT does the same thing using IB API. Is there a way for MT to shows filled transactions older than 7 days on charts from IB?
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