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  1. +1 for writing on the chart. I have volume values I wanted to print onto chart, based from values from the Weis Wave Vol (almost trying to recreate his zigzag volume indicator). Btw, I'm happy I ended up getting a subscription. The scanner features alone are a godsend for trading crypto.
  2. Hi Jerry and Mike, I was curious as to whether there's any planned support for Deribit exchange. It's a Bitcoin futures exchange, and is growing a lot due to system troubles with other exchanges such as Bitmex. From looking at their documentation, it looks like they support FIX API: https://www.deribit.com/main#/pages/docs/api I'm about to purchase a Medved license for stocks (you are one of few that supports Questrade) and for use on some other crypto exchanges, but I've found myself using this one for btc futures trading lately and it'd be nice to handle everything from within Medved. I figured since they support FIX that it'd be a smoother implementation? Thanks in advance!
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