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  1. Jerry please keep us updated if you hear anything new from etrade.
  2. There will be many who are affected by this. I hope you can convince them to reconsider and open up again.
  3. Wow, this is really bad news. Please let us know as soon as you hear anything.
  4. Hi Jerry another problem came up with Etrade is a popup message "New Order failed: Number of requests exceeded the rate limit set." Anyway to get around this problem? Thanks
  5. Looks like you came through again Jerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How long have you been walking on water?
  6. It's still giving the same problem entering order either from the web or from Medved Trader. I guess the only way to update it is to manually refresh every second. Thanks for the help Jerry.
  7. Another question Jerry is why the balance and open orders so very slow to update? I am getting at least 30secs to a full minute for update/status delay.
  8. Thanks Jerry. Hope you can get them to fix it.
  9. Hi I am having problem placing an etrade order through Medved Trader. It is my first time trading using Medved Trader to trade with Etrade. The error message would say "new order failed: you have an existing open order for this secuirity on the same side of the market." Any idea how to fix this problem? TIA
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