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  1. Chart pattern recognition tool on MT trader would be invaluable for traders. And perfect addition to your candlestick recognition, maybe added in a similar way. Basic technical analysis patterns... Identifying flags, wedges, channels, triangles, double triple top/bottom etc. and drawing those trendlines on the chart automatically. Also, a separate option that automatically draws trend lines that connect for support and resistance as it touches the level a second and third time, whether there is a full pattern or not. Would be great to see trend lines for support/ resistance for each chart as a forecast in my opinion. What do you think of this addition realistically?
  2. Great news, got it all set. thank you so much Jerry!
  3. I have a simple, awesome but maybe not easy feature request., that when drawing a trend line on a say 5 min chart SPY, that trend line will show up on same symbol on 1 min chart SPY with both open. Is this possible??? Do they charts have the capability to interact w/other off cloud/internet whatever or is Windows base limit this? I watch the same 10 or so symbols and have them all open on 60min, 5min, and 1 min. So i want to see where trend lines intersect on all. When analyzing a setup to trade, it would be amazing to see a trend line drawn from a 60min larger time frame chart show up on a 5min, to narrow down an entry point on support/resistance of trendline. Also, beneficial for historica/log terml prespective and charting back larger trendlines. Thank you
  4. I second this, would be my favorite add on!!! Saw it mentioned in 2 other threads titles, so I know there is demand for more ORDER flexibility thru MT. For me I only trade options, not stocks When you add these OTOCA bracket orders for IB, please do for TDA support on MT for options as well!! IB tightens on margin big time after 1230 on expiring options that day. M/W/Fri on SPY and Fri on all equities. So if there if a big move afternoon I can only buy 10 contracts as apposed to 200+ in AM. So I do nothing and miss any afternoon opportunities. Therefore, I want to ability to also trade an options account on MT thru TDA with these bracket orders. (who does NOT cut expiring options margin in afternoon.) TDA options order system is not good for quick multiple orders. So I do not currently use them, only if I can do it thru MT. Let me know when completed and I will transfer broker funds. Request Original options (Buy order) with ( trail stop % & $ order), and (profit target order) all sent out in one bracket order thru TDA on MT Fore me, I need to place order with one-two buttons and have everything done fast. Similar to IB's buttons on chart trader. If you are able to add customizable preset buttons that would be an amazing cherry on the top! That is my wish and would add plenty of value for traders using MT. Can attach picture if more clarity needed. Any updates from January 2nd post on ETA for this? 1 month 2? Much appreciated for all your work Jerry! Thank you!
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