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  1. Hello!, i would like to know why there are empty spaces in the volume profile ?
  2. mca12345


    hi, is it possible to see the intraday charts in Logarithmic scale?Thank youMariano
  3. Just a general "show mid lines" checkbox is needed. Point 3 is not necessary. Thanks!
  4. Yes i asked for them, will be great a "show mid lines" checkbox //Mid-Pivots Calculations (from tradingview) m0 = (s2 + s3) / 2.0 m1 = (s2+s1) / 2.0 m2 = (s1+pivot) / 2.0 m3 = (r1+pivot) / 2.0 m4 = (r2+r1) / 2.0 m5 = (r2 + r3) / 2.0 Thanks!
  5. Hello Its possible to add a button to see all the yearly floor midpivots? thanks Mariano
  6. mca12345


    Hello, its possible to backfill live historical data simultaneously using Ineractive Brokers for USA Stocks and Yahoo for other country ? Thanks Mariano
  7. Hello, BTC symbol for POLONIEX ? Thanks ! Mariano
  8. Hello, i am wondering if it is possible to get a histogram on the DOM with historical volume where could set a range of dates (like volume by price = weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly), to identify support and resistances. Thanks Mariano
  9. Hello, it is possible to add to the demarks pivot formula the central pivot? The value of X in the formula below depends on where the Close of the market is. If Close < Open then X = (H + (L * 2) + C) If Close > Open then X = ((H * 2) + L + C) If Close = Open then X = (H + L + (C * 2)) R1 = X / 2 - L PP = X / 4 (this is not an official DeMark number but merely a reference point based on the calculation of X) S1 = X / 2 - H Where R1 is the upper Resistance level, PP is the Pivot Point, S1 is the lower support level. thanks Mariano
  10. i dont have these levels. my version is: 1.1.8500.2 x64
  11. Hello, Its possible to add to the Camarilla pivots formula: S1 S2 R1 R2 R4 = C + RANGE * 1.1/2R3 = C + RANGE * 1.1/4R2 = C + RANGE * 1.1/6R1 = C + RANGE * 1.1/12PP = (HIGH + LOW + CLOSE) / 3S1 = C - RANGE * 1.1/12S2 = C - RANGE * 1.1/6S3 = C - RANGE * 1.1/4S4 = C - RANGE * 1.1/2 They are very important levels in YEARLY PIVOTS. Thanks
  12. thanks, im using Interactive Brokers.
  13. I have noticed that there are differences in the way of graphing the highs and lows in the different graphs, for example, last week in the contract ESM2019 the price touched the weekly pivot point (white line) in the intraday graph, but I did not touch it in the historical (white dot line without labels) missing 2 points).
  14. if (Close.CrossesUp(CamarillaPivotsHist_H3(Y), 0)) { SetColorAndShape("R3", PBShape.TriangleUp, SysColor.MainIndicator1); TriggerAlert("R3 CAMARILLA", @"R3 CAMARILLA"); SetScanResult("S3 CAMARILLA"); return; } if (Close.CrossesDown(CamarillaPivotsHist_L3(Y), 0)) { SetColorAndShape("S3", PBShape.TriangleDown_Hollow, SysColor.MainIndicator1); TriggerAlert("S3 CAMARILLA", @"S3 CAMARILLA"); SetScanResult("S3 CAMARILLA"); return; } if (Close.CrossesUp(DeMarkPivotsHist_High(Y), 0)) { TriggerAlert("DEMARK R1", @"DEMARK R1"); SetScanResult("DEMARK R1"); return; } if (Close.CrossesDown(DeMarkPivotsHist_Low(Y), 0)) { TriggerAlert("DEMARK S1", @"DEMARK S1"); SetScanResult("DEMARK S1"); return; } if (Close.CrossesUp(PivotPointsHist_R1(Y), 0)) { TriggerAlert("PIVOT R1", @"PIVOT R1"); SetScanResult("PIVOT R1"); return; } if (Close.CrossesUp(PivotPointsHist_R2(Y), 0)) { TriggerAlert("PIVOT R2", @"PIVOT R2"); SetScanResult("PIVOT R2"); return; } if (Close.CrossesDown(PivotPointsHist_S2(Y), 0)) { TriggerAlert("PIVOT S2", @"PIVOT S2"); SetScanResult("PIVOT S2"); return; } if (Close.CrossesDown(PivotPointsHist_S1(Y), 0)) { TriggerAlert("PIVOT S1", @"PIVOT S1"); SetScanResult("PIVOT S1"); return; } Shows old cross, not current DAY, yes on historical charts.
  15. Hello Jerry, I have created an SCAN when the price crosses or is equal to an annual pivot, but how is it done so that it is limited only to the day it is activated, because it is returning the result of previous days. Thanks Mariano sorry I realized after the post that was for the SCAN section of the forum.
  16. thanks, i can only chart Intraday, historical is disabled.
  17. sorry, im wrong, the numbers are percentages, what i want is to realize an index. Thank you.
  18. thanks, but i dont know how to Chart the portfolio total
  19. Hello!, it is possible to build a combined financial instrument like: GGAL*0.15+PBR*0.17647+BMA*0.0865+CEPU*0.06447+EDN*0.02385+BFR*0.0349+PAM*0.0812+TGS*0.0478+TS*0.062+YPF*0.1147 Thanks Mariano
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