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  1. Thanks for the clarification.

    However, it still won't give me the syntax I am looking for.

    <BUY> SMTC @51.39 on "SCAN02"

    The best I can get is the same as the original.

    Alert "<BUY>" on SMTC Scan "SCAN02" @51.39 


    No place holder for the following:

    [NAME] Scan name

    [DESCRIPTION] just the message and not including the other words. For example, <BUY> instead of "Alert "<BUY>" on SMTC Scan "SCAN02""

  2. I am a little confused now. I simply wanted this syntax from the scan to appear on both the alert pop window and the alert log:

    <BUY> SMTC @51.39 on "SCAN02"

    instead of the current output:

    Alert "<BUY>" on SMTC Scan "SCAN02" @51.39

    which was created by the following code on the scan :



    This is what I did per your suggestion:

    First, I entered the following syntax on the Alert Editor


    On the Alert Editor there was a default "Global, none".


    Second, I enabled and disabled  "Global, None" but it make no differences.

    When I deleted it, it can't be recreated again and was forced to select a pre-defined alert type.


    Third, the Alert is enabled on the scan.



  3. I don't know what I am doing wrong but I am not getting the syntax I am looking for. 

    I entered the following on the alert editor and select REPLACE :


    I am still getting the same syntax as before.

    I did enable and also disable the "Global, None" alert but it didn't make any difference.

    After I delete  "Global, None" now it always force me to select an Alert Type when I create a new "Global" alert.

  4. If backtesting is on the roadmap I agree that the implementation shouldn't be half way. I am all for it!

    I was just looking for a workaround if backtesting is not in your features roadmap.

    My number one wish right now would me using daily signal values on the intraday chart.  As I mentioned on another thread. However, it looks like this will not happen anytime soon.

  5. I am good with just an output to the alert log and with an option to turn off the alert popup windows when running it. Something simple and nothing fancy at this point.

    For instance, today I have <10 alerts out of about 300 symbols. Of course, for those who are getting a great number of alerts it will be a problem.

    I suppose most people prefer a few quality alerts over many noisy ones.


  6. Is it possible to do backtesting?

    I have a portfolio containing 100+ symbol and I don't want to review the daily chart of each symbol to see if it is effective or not.

    I want to minimize the number of alerts.  If the backtesting feature exist it will definitely be great for fine-tuning the scans.


  7. Strangely, the attached code was truncated.

    I enter this on the paintbar editor.


    1) what type of alert are you doing? Scan

    2) what "following alert msg"? TriggerAlert("SELL", @"Strong sell");


    3) what error? (gotta give details) " Invalid Expression  Term" on the paintbar checker.

    where exactly are you trying to do this? In alerts you can specify the alert NOTE which is basically a custom description that can either add to or replace the default one. That is where the [Last] would be entered.   


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