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  1. For the triangle pattern at least: You can try using a longer time-frame scan than what you are accustomed to and make a rule for the highs and/or lows of the period making progressively lower highs and higher lows than the previous candle period. I understand it isn't as precise as what you are looking for but may be a good workaround to try.
  2. Turning off auto backfill fixed it. I sent log/settings Thank you for your help and quick response. Jim
  3. I am having trouble utilizing the scan function. I currently only have 12 stocks listed in my portfolio, but it never finishes scanning. It shows scan starting: 2/12 but never completes or makes further progress. It does this for scans I have built as well as the default ones that come with the program. Any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks for any help you can provide.
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